Dishing Out Excellence – How this Top Cricketer ’s Diet Changed His Career

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Have you ever wondered what the plate of a high-performance athlete looks like? The right diet is essential for athletes who need to keep their muscles working like engines. Yet, This Crickter’s diet wouldn’t look much different from a regular foodie out there. It wasn’t until he suffered a that he made some life-changing choices. And if you think athletes need a good beef to stay strong, think twice: This Cricketer is batting this myth big time.

A Plant-Based Champion

Professional athletes can’t eat freely. Let’s consider Michael Phelps for a moment: the swimmer eats no less than 12,000 calories per day. It’s the same diet as the “strongest man in the world”, Brian Shaw. For comparison, an average adult eats about 2,500 calories per day. With so many calories, it’s easy to believe that these men eat from entire cows to truck tyres. However, even then, their diet must be carefully planned.


This Cricketer  doesn’t have to eat that much. In fact, his diet is based on leaves, quinoa, seeds, and protein bars. Eggs eventually contribute to his plate, and there’s no dairy food on the menu. This Cricketer  grinds the myth that strength athletes need meat to stay sturdy, and any cricket blog will list him as one of the finest players ever existed.

The Life-Changing Event

This Cricketer suffered a spine lesion in 2018. The lesion numbed his little finger, causing discomfort and several sleepless nights. After a stream of exams, it was clear that his stomach was to blame. It became too acidic to absorb calcium, so his body took calcium from his bones, exposing him to lesions. He was already playing in the English tour when the most radical diet shifts were implemented.


Until then, This Cricketer  was more like a careless eater and was even famous among his peers for that. Many of his colleagues and close friends testified that Cricketer  could travel for miles to find his favourite food. Rice-mutton curry, butter chicken, and pretty much any dessert could make Cricketer  go out of his way.


The diet U-turn came along with a strictly disciplined workout routine. Such a routine includes a wide range of exercises, for about 36 hours per week, with one day of rest. Cardio exercises are essential to building resistance, as well as deadlifts. The cricket star revealed his diet on Instagram during an “Ask Me Anything” session. Cricketer eats vegetables, almonds, fruits, quinoa, protein bars, eggs, and green tea with lemon on a regular day.

A Green Chain

In Ancient Greece, champions were crowned with laurels, not bacon. This Cricketer is part of a star-studded team of vegan athletes and bodybuilders, including the pilot Lewis Hamilton, the bodybuilder Patrick Baboumian, and the wrestler Austin Aries. You can also find similar stories in the Netflix documentary “Game Changers”, where other sports world champions share their stories and diets.



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