Discovering Community Heroes Across the World

Pursuing “innovation for a better life” philosophy, LG has been fully committed to bringing cutting-edge technologies, solutions and products that help users enjoy their daily life to the fullest. But this philosophy extends to more than the products it makes. It’s also the initiatives that make a real difference in people’s lives, like the community projects implemented by LG offices around the world. That’s why this story shifts attention to LG Vietnam’s Kindness of Vietnam and LG Australia’s Local Legend programs, which continue to improve the lives of local communities.

Kindness of Vietnam is an initiative based on the message, “The Better Life Vietnam Deserves,” and incorporates the desire to accompany generations of Vietnamese to park new inspirations, create new experiences and evoke a spirit of solidarity that brings about a better life for all. The program was set up with Thanh Nien Daily, one of the leading Vietnamese newspapers, to honor the nation’s extraordinary role models who every day make acts of kindness and partake in noble deeds.

Captain Thai Ngo Hieu, one of the honored faces of the Kindness of Vietnam program

Of the local heroes who have dedicated their lives to saving people and making the community a safer place to live, whether that be by saving someone from drowning and keeping criminals off the streets, LG Vietnam selected five brave, warm-hearted individuals to honor. Captain Thai Ngo Hieu, an officer of the Police Department of Fire Prevention and Rescue in Dong Nai Province, was deemed more than worthy of being one of the heroic individuals to be awarded by the Kindness of Vietnam program after throwing himself into the water to save four drowning people.

Meanwhile, having to deal with everything from raging bushfires to devastating floods – all in the midst of a global pandemic, it’s fair to say the last few years have redefined what ‘life’ and ‘good’ means for millions of Aussies. However, despite the hardship, many would attest to an unexpected upside to these crises: a community with a shared understanding that one single act of good can be enough to inspire a wave of positive change.

To support and strengthen the bonds within local communities, LG Australia has taken its passion for helping people rediscover the good in their everyday by launching its third annual Local Legends program, which celebrates the selfless efforts of several Aussies who go above and beyond to help others in their local community. From June to November this year, six nominees will be recognized for their contributions and rewarded with their choice of one of four LG Product Prize Packages.

After two successful years of the LG Local Legends initiative, LG Australia sought to spread its positive message further by launching the latest 2022 program with leading Australian TV broadcast channel, Channel Nine. In the lead-up to the launch, two inspiring TV segments featuring previous LG Local Legends were aired, each one highlighting the positive impact the program is having on people by showcasing where the legends are now, one or two years after they were recognized.

LG is truly passionate about helping communities and its Kindness of Vietnam and Local Legends programs perfectly display its commitment and desire to help every customer around the world rediscover the good in their daily lives.

The company is excited to honor more of our communities’ heroes to share their beautiful stories with the world and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

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