Blue Mount launches Blue Mount Direct to encourage entrepreneurship


Bhubaneswar: Blue Mount Appliances, India’s leading manufacturer of home and commercial water purifiers has today announced the launch of innovative sales vertical ‘Blue Mount Direct’. Through ‘Blue Mount Direct’ company has planned to make 50,000 customers per month by spreading knowledge of the benefits of anti-oxidant alkaline water and giving a chance to be an entrepreneur. Blue Mount Appliances is a well-known company which introduced Blue Mount RO, India’s 1st Alkaline RO Water Purifier with LED display which revolutionised the sector.

On the occasion Mr. Vishal Gupta, Managing Director, Blue Mount Appliances said “Blue Mount Direct will provide an opportunity for the customers to become an entrepreneur, self-reliant and educate others about the healthy water which only an Alkaline RO water purifier can provide. With the quality of water supply becoming increasingly questionable, it is prudent for one to invest in a sound water purification system.”
“Due to many products jumping on the clean water bandwagon, touting a range of technologies that guarantee pure water, one is ought to be confused between UV and RO but due to lack of information about the Alkaline RO systems they opt for regular RO water purifier which in long term effects the health of the customer”. He further added.

The dealers and distributors who attended the Blue Mount Direct workshop were motivated & confident as the company is providing them with an opportunity to increase their income and the new technology will give them an upper hand in the competitive environment.

Blue Mount Direct: How it works

By enrolling under Blue Mount Direct, even the customer can become a dealer of Blue Mount Appliances and he can further add his or her customer base who can also become a

dealer for the company. The company will educate the newly inducted Blue Mount representatives/dealers about the products and BLUE MOUT CARE application for strong connectivity of customers, dealer distributors, and service franchises. So that quality sales and services can be provided to the customers. Till now only the urban population is aware of the benefits of drinking purified water but with the increasing pollution in the water bodies it becomes necessary to change the water Purifiers, Blue Mount has taken the challenge to switch healthy water purifiers who are using RO water purifiers and the household which is not having any purifiers, the company is giving a chance to adopt a pure and healthy journey, starting with healthy purifier with the latest technology.

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