“Balasore revels in triple delight: Health, Taste, and Fun combined in an unforgettable experience!”


Balasore : The Odisha Millet Mission entertains the locals of Balasore with its engaging event series on June 17 and 18 at the V2 Mall, near Medical Road. The Odisha Millet Mission, a flagship programme under the state government of Odisha, has been employing various innovative and exciting approaches to promote millets in the state.
As part of these efforts, the Odisha Millet Mission is organising a series of entertaining events called ‘Know about Odisha’s Millet’ in the top 20 cities of the state to raise awareness about the benefits of millets. The main objective of this event in Balasore is to continually emphasise the message of incorporating millets into people’s daily diets while keeping the audience engaged and entertained.
Renowned TV and film comedian Chandini, along with acclaimed singers Mandeep and Kuldeep, have been cordially invited to headline the forthcoming event, promising an evening of unrivalled entertainment. The enchanting harmonies of Odia and Hindi melodies are poised to captivate attendees, ensuring an electrifying atmosphere that leave audiences grooving throughout the duration of the event.
The event kicks off with the hosts introducing the Odisha Millet Mission and explaining the purpose of the day’s show to the audience. This is followed by a series of local harmonies designed to captivate the crowd. The programme then delves into a humorous comedy skit that highlights the prevalence of unhealthy eating habits in a widely relatable manner.
To maintain high levels of excitement, the Odisha Millet Mission has planned a range of quirky and competitive games that are sure to keep participants on the edge of their seats. Winners of these thrilling contests will have the opportunity to receive exciting surprises and gift hampers, adding to the overall sense of anticipation and enjoyment.
Distinguished for their regional significance, events of this nature organised by the government of Odisha have emerged as a powerful platform that not only captures the undivided attention of a vast audience but also possesses the potential to make a resounding and enduring impact on the overall health and well-being of the state.

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