Authorities Open Four More Gates at Hirakud Dam; EIC Confirms No Flood Threat

Despite heavy rainfall leading to the submergence of low-lying areas in regions like Banki and Boudh, Odisha government officials have confirmed that there is no flood situation in the state.

Engineering-in-chief Bhakta Ranjan Mohanty clarified that while water has entered some low-lying areas, there is no flood threat. The authorities at Hirakud Dam have opened four more gates to release excess water, bringing the total to 26 gates. However, they ruled out further gate openings due to the absence of significant inflow.

The current situation is attributed to heavy rainfall in both upstream and downstream areas of the Mahanadi river in Chhattisgarh, causing increased inflow into Hirakud. Mohanty emphasized that there is no flood threat in Odisha, and the overall management of the situation is being handled effectively in coordination with the State Relief Commissioner (SRC).

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