AMRI Asian Cancer Institute observes World Cancer Day 2019

Bhubaneswar: AMRI Asian Cancer Institute, AMRI Hospitals, Bhubaneswar, observed World Cancer Day 2019 today. The day aims to raise awareness and education about a disease that touches so many people around the globe, either directly or indirectly. Present on the occasion were Mr. Dino Morea, Actor Indian Cinema, renowned Social Activist of India, Ms. Subhashree Das, Dr.Dhairyasheel Savant Director Asian Cancer Institute Mumbai and AMRI Asian Cancer Institute, Bhubaneswar, Dr. Chirantan Bose, AVP Medical Administration AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneswar and Mr. CLN Reddy, Unit-Head and VP, AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneswar. Over the past three years, AMRI Asian Cancer Institute has been providing advanced and affordable cancer care services to the people of Odisha with the latest targeted, biological, and hormone therapies, backed by a team of oncologists of international repute with over 40 years of combined experience.

Dr Chirantan Bose commented on the fact that the cancer burden in India is around 12 -15 lacs new cases every year with a total load of 30 to 50 lacs cancer patients and survivors at any given time. It amounts to the 2nd largest Non Communicable disease burden in India and is feared to be the top ranker by 2020. In view of the tremendous increase in cancer patients in Odisha, AMRI ACI has come up with a 3 pronged intervention – Early detection and screening (SAHYOG Clinic & screening packages), Holistic and comprehensive treatment at AMRI ACI and URJA – A CANCER SUPPORT GROUP for Cancer Warriors

On this occasion a unique initiative named URJA – AMRI Cancer Support was launched by AMRI Hospitals for supporting cancer patients and survivors across all its hospitals. URJA will support patients in understanding the Cancer type, treatment and how to improve the quality of life, coping with the side effects and managing stress of patients and family members. URJA will also support the survivors in managing the side effects of Cancer and leading a healthier life after treatment. It is a forum that will inspire & motivate patients to focus on the winning attitude in life and offer a platform for cancer survivors to share their experiences with other patients so that they can overcome fear plus participate in social / educational activities related to fighting the war against cancer.

Speaking on the occasion of World Cancer Day, Dr. Dhairyasheel Savant (Surgical oncologist) said, “The major categories of cancer risk factors include tobacco use, occupational exposures, environmental contamination, infectious agents, and lifestyle factors. Although the prevalence of smoking has declined in many developed countries, it is still on the rise in developing countries. Most cancers in India are preventable and hence the thrust should start with cancer education prevention and setting up of comprehensive cancer treatment centres. AMRI Asian Cancer Institute firmly believe that consolidated focused cancer care will work wonders to alleviate this major health issue and deliver cancer care at an affordable cost to all those afflicted by this disease in the region.”


“Though recent progress has translated into major improvements in the lives of patients dealing with Cancer, these are not realized for everyone. Quitting tobacco, consuming balanced diet, moderate exercises and regular health check-ups can help beat cancer in a natural way. And upon detection of any symptoms, an early screening is very essential. Even in case of a disease like cancer also, early diagnosis can enhance the chances of cure. URJA – AMRI Cancer Support is a noble & timely initiative by AMRI Asian Cancer Institute. It will help and encourage the Cancer survivors to lead a cheerful life” said the well known Bollywood actor Mr. Dino Morea.
“Cancer awareness has become exceedingly important in the 21st century. URJA is really a gracious initiative by AMRI Asian Cancer Institute for the Cancer Survivors and to promote the awareness against the Cancer disease,” said Mrs. Subhashree Das – Social activist.
Dr. Sanjay Sharma, Director, ACI Mumbai said, “Exciting time ahead in treatment of cancer patients, with newer methodology emerging today like Immunotherapy, target Therapy, Laser Surgery, Robotic surgery & Organ Conservation Surgery which gives patient life with good quality. The motto of Asian Cancer Institute, Mumbai along with AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneswar is to bring these facilities to people of Odisha at their doorstep, so that they need not have to go to any other part of our country for treatment.”

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