Actor Bobby Deol Says It Was His Long Dued Wish To Work With Prakash Jha

By Roy

Bollywood actor Bobby Deol has taken acting to a whole different level with his character ‘Baba Nirala Kashipur Waale’ in MX Player’s ‘Aashram’. Directed by filmmaker Prakash Jha, the series unfolds the dark reality of blind faith, black magic, and loose norms prevailing in the society. Bobby Deol who plays the lead antagonist in the series says that his long dued dream to work with Prakash Jha has come true. He says, “It was Prakash ji who convinced me to rope into this character. I was awaiting since twenty-five years to work with him. The day when he called me up to meet at his office, I felt a great thing on the way. When he narrated me the script and the idea of Baba Nirala Kashipur Waale’s character, I had never imagined myself in such a role. But as an actor, you have to keep on visualising yourself into multiple characters. Even being a negative role, it has so many interesting shades. That moment I realised Prakash ji’s faith in me over this role and then there was no looking back.”

Bobby being a refined actor, believes to keep on experimenting with roles. He says, “As an actor I have been trying to do different kinds of roles in different shades. Here, I got to play a complete different character. It has been so well and interestingly written.”

“Prakash ji has always picked up social issue topics in order to create awareness throughout his career. That also made me think and I realised it was so much on track with all that. There are so many con men and criminals in the country and around the world who take advantage of blind faith. This is something I thought the series would bring across a message and make people aware of what is happening around them. The way the plot moves, one will find the mixture of all the elements like mystery, thrill, drama, emotions, intrigue. These are also something that I like to watch so it also inspired me to be a part of this fictional series.”

‘Aashram’ is a mirror of present day society’s brutal and naked reality. Web platform being an important source of entertainment, the series delivers a very strong message to the viewers. Bobby quotes, “To give a message and spread awareness amongst people, we became a part of this show. People have to understand by seeing this and realise and learn from their mistakes they have made unknowingly out of blind faith.”

Past few months have been challenging for bollywood due to the outraged debates on nepotism and insider-outsider theory. Speaking about it Bobby says, “My father is the biggest example of an outsider. He was the son of a teacher wanting to become an actor. He ran away from home, came to Mumbai, struggled for so many years but never gave up. It is always difficult for an outsider to come into this industry. Even if not acting, my father would have faced the similar difficulties if he would have ran away for any other profession, because such is life.

I agree that a child being born in a family of same profession, it is easy to take the first step into the professional life. My dad gave me the first opportunity, but after that it was my work that spoke for me. And also there have been star kids who never made it as actors. So your hardwork is something that pays off eventually.”

He also advises newcomers not to give up and work hard instead of awaiting for the luck.

Bobby also shares about his life lessons from the industry. “I was an insider. But I learnt from my mistakes. At one point of time, people stopped working with me. Then I realised what am I doing with my career. No matter how powerful your family is in the industry, they can’t help you to move forward. You have to stand on your feet make people notice you. Even when things were not going well with me, I kept continuing, I knocked at people’s doors, I met them, spoke about work. And then there came a time when fate began to change.”

He also tells that he is less of a social media person. “Not everyone would love you, and not everyone would hate you. That’s how freedom of speech and expression work. People have their individual opinions and reasoning. I really don’t get entertained by social media, but I feel blessed and grateful that I get much more love than hatred,” he concludes.

Actress Aditi Pohankar is seen in a pivotal role in the web series. She plays the character of ‘Pammi’ who is a wrestler, and a head strong, goal oriented young girl unafraid to dream big despite the limitations imposed by society. She is undaunted by the system and constantly challenges stereotypes with the belief that honesty and sincerity will always win.

Circumstances see her losing all faith and hope which is when Kashipur wale Baba Nirala enters her life like a ‘Maseeha’. Pammi is immediately drawn into his devotion. Inspite of facing objection from her family she decides to become a Sadhvi and eventually succeeds in getting Baba’s permission to stay in Ashram.

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