ABP Network goes live in Tamil Nadu

Chennai: ABP Network has announced its entry into the Tamil Nadu market with the launch of its brand new digital platform, ‘ABP Nadu’. With this launch, the network plans to make major headway in the ultra-competitive Tamil digital news space. Extending its belief in empowering the audience with unbiased and credible news, ABP Nadu enters the market with the determination to create an informed and open society.


Over the course of its journey, ABP Network has emerged as a pioneer within the regional news & content sphere. Their regional channels and digital platforms have successfully created a strong brand equity in their respective markets by truly entrenching themselves into the culture and ethos of every region they serve. ABP Network is successfully running regional channels/digital platforms in West Bengal (ABP Ananda), Maharashtra (ABP Majha), Gujarat (ABP Asmita), Punjab (ABP Sanjha), Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand (ABP Ganga), and Bihar (ABP Bihar).


As the network expands its presence to South India as well, the new digital platform will promise to present authentic and compelling stories that appeal to Tamil audiences.


ABP Network believes that the virtues of the Tamil language, its rich literature, and vibrant culture have always been an integral part of Tamil Nadu’s identity. ABP Nadu will, therefore, resonate with the new progressive evolution of the state and serve to bring alive its new narrative in a colourful, vibrant, and in a manner that accentuates its nativity.


The digital news portal will offer a wide range of content choices to the users such as unique pieces on the burning issues of Tamil Nadu, in various content formats such as expert opinion pieces, data stories, and videos. With a special emphasis on youth-oriented topics, ABP Nadu will feature 50 news stories, 10 special stories, and 20 videos daily for its users. It will provide 360-degree coverage by showing political analyses, breaking news, news dissection and in-depth stories across various beats such as entertainment, education, finance, gaming, technology, and auto.


Speaking on the announcement, Mr. Avinash Pandey, CEO, ABP Network, said, “We are excited to be catapulting into the ultra-competitive Tamil digital news space. The Tamil content market is well-primed for disruption, making this an opportune time for our entry. Not only does it have a high internet adoption rate but the people too, are digitally savvy and highly engaged in accessing news content online. Therefore, we hope, ABP Nadu will be successful in addressing the growing information needs of the people of Tamil Nadu, and enable us to create bigger strides in the realm of regional news.”


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