Yoon Suk Yeol sworn in as President of South Korea

A new political era is underway in South Korea. Yoon Suk Yeol was sworn in as President on Tuesday morning, ushering in the country’s first conservative government in five years. The ceremony attracted about 40,000 people, including US second gentleman Douglas Emhoff and Japan’s Foreign Minister Hayashi Yoshimasa.

One of Yoon’s main challenges will be dealing with North Korea, which is accelerating its nuclear and missile development. He said there is room for dialogue and a way for the North to benefit. Yoon also touched on domestic policies, saying economic growth based on science, technology and innovation is one way to help solve problems, including the widening wage gap.

The new President also has some new digs. Yoon relocated the Presidential office from the compound known as the Blue House, to a building once used by the Defense Ministry. He says it’s meant to show his office is away from a “symbol of imperial power” and closer to the public.

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