At XCOMM, your career path intersects with industry experts

Bhubaneswar: With the old media disrupting today and new businesses taking hype at an accelerating rate, what does media studies like journalism, advertisement, public relations and business communications have for the innovation and entrepreneurship that drives the new media industry today? The mash-up of the new and old media today represents a roadmap for entrepreneurs to achieve success in todays competitive and disruptive market. New media practitioners find innovative ways to reach their target audience. One such budding entrepreneur, Mr. Santosh Kumar Dash, CEO & Founder of Youngsters WorldWide, Bhubaneswar was invited by Mr. Rahul Kalway, a final year BSc. mass communication student of Xavier School of Communications, Xavier University Bhubaneswar.
On 13th March, 2019, a seminar on “Entrepreneurship in media” was organized by Xavier School of Communications in collaboration with Xavier School of Commerce where Mr. Santosh shared his experience, the risks and benefits of start-ups, and the opportunities in digital marketing. He also focused on how innovation is the key to success for a business. Around 100 students attended the event.
“Entrepreneurs are called in the one person club because they are different and not everyone can do it. If you want to do something different and stand out of the crowd you need to follow the passion. Set your big goals, break down to different milestones and learn skills to improve yourself”, says Mr. Santosh.
“Xavier School of Communications has provided me this opportunity to organise a full-fledged event on my own. I aspire to become an Event Manager and I feel starting right from the academic curriculum to the practical on-field knowledge, XCOMM has always helped me gain knowledge and provided me exposure about the field I am interested in”, says Rahul Kalway, the Event Manager of the event.
Prior to this, Ms. Khushboo Agarwal, another student of Xavier School of Communications had organized an event on International Womens Day on “Women Power In Politics” where she arranged a panel discussion with some of the prominent personalities like Mrs. Chidatmika Khatua, an educationalist, Mrs. Jyoshnamayee Parida, a social activist, Prof. Tonia Saritova Rath, School of Human Resource Management, XUB & Ms. Tanushree Das Mohapatra, Student at School of Rural Management, XUB.
What makes these events different is how students, single-handedly organize successful events with prominent personalities and how XCOMM as an institution has always been a support for the students and has enabled them perform their best in their desired field.

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