Xavier University, Bhubaneswar will be hosting its annual Cultural-Management Fest, Xamboree on 4-6 October, 2018

Bhubaneswar: Xavier University, Bhubaneswar will be hosting its annual Cultural-Management Fest, Xamboree on 4-6 October, 2018. The fest will be a unique opportunity across various B-Schools to explore their talent and experience the diverse mindsets which the hallowed grounds of this campus has to offer.

The fest will be a host to a plethora of Interest Committees’ events, which include: Qureka, a quizzing trivia organized by XQuizzite, the Quizzing Society of XUB; Viraasat, a tribute to the various Indian art forms celebrating the gems of Indian Culture, conducted by the XUB chapter of SPICMACAY; Samriddhi, which is a platform for participants to present their Business Models for Social Enterprises which can mitigate emergent social problems and stigmas, organized by the Social Responsibility Cell of XUB in collaboration with X-Seed, the Start-Up incubation & facilitation society of XUB; Origami, conducted by LitSoc, the Literary Society of XUB, is a platform for the literary connoisseurs to display their skills and create something from scratch; Srishti, a short film-making competition, organized by X-Lens, the photography and video-making society of XUB and lastly Xpress On Air, an RJ hunt, organized by IlluminatiX- The Media and PR Cell of XUB, in association with a prominent radio partner.

The Cultural events at Xamboree are conducted by X-Stage, the Cultural Committee of XUB, which include: Dhwani, a melodious symphony of tunes; Footloose, for participants to put their best foot forward; Tamasha, an extravaganza for young participants to take to the streets and talk about issues that plague us; Runway Roll, for people with an inclination towards the spotlight; and lastly, Sonix, a Battle of Bands wherein participants from various colleges will get together to jam and battle over their tunes.

All these events will be conducted in the premises of XUB, with registration links being vastly circulated over their social media platforms. XUB feels proud and joyous to invite students from various colleges, undergraduate and postgraduate touchpoints, to gather and experience the vast range of events hosted at Xamboree, the annual Cultural-Management fest of the University.

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