World Environment Day 2024 Celebrated in Rangeilunda Block, Ganjam


In commemoration of world environment day Youth for Social Development (YSD), with the support of UNICEF, proudly celebrated world environment day across ten Gram Panchayats in the Rangeilunda Block, Ganjam. The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from anganwadi workers, ASHA, children and adolescents, PRI members, CRP, MBK, Self-Help Group members, Youth leaders, community people, and school teachers.

Representatives from YSD and UNICEF addressed the gathering, highlighting the importance of environmental conservation and sustainable practices. Local PRI members and dignitaries shared their insights and commitment to the cause. A major highlight was the extensive tree plantation drive. Participants, including AWW, ASHA, adolescents, CRP,MBK ,SHG members, Youth leaders, community people and Teachers planted saplings in community areas, schools, and public spaces across the Loudigaon,Padmapur,Markandi,Sasanpadar,Chikarda,Golanthara,Gounju,Golabandha,Satakutuni and Badakusothali  GPs, aiming to enhance local biodiversity and promote a greener environment. Volunteers formed teams to conduct clean-up drives in parks, Market places, roadsides, AWW and schools. They worked diligently to remove litter, setting an example of community-driven cleanliness and environmental responsibility. Such as poster making, essay writing, and slogan writing were organized for students and adolescents, focusing on themes like “Beat Plastic Pollution,” “Restore Our Earth,” and “Biodiversity Conservation.”Informative workshops on climate change, waste management, and water conservation were conducted. Environmental experts and local activists engaged with community members, school teachers, and PRI members, fostering a deeper understanding of these critical issues. Special educational programs were implemented in schools, featuring storytelling sessions, puppet shows, and educational games designed to teach children about environmental conservation in an engaging and memorable way. Attentiveness sessions on organic farming, rainwater harvesting, and composting were provided to adolescents and SHG members, promoting sustainable practices and efficient water use. The event concluded with a summary of the day’s activities by a YSD Block coordinator Sudeep Chakrabarty, Mamali Panda, Gitanjali Panigrahi, Niki Pradhan, Jagmohandhar Mohapatra, Alok kumar Nayak and a vote of thanks from a YSD representative.

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