Wool Fab- Celebrating Handloom Haat begins for visitors

Wool Fab, an exclusive handloom exhibition of woolen product started today in Handloom Haat, Janpath,  New Delhi.

The exhibition will be open to public from 11am to 8pm for fourteen days up to 14th February 2023. Woolen handloom products drawn from some of the exotic locations of India are on display and sale at the exhibition. A brief list is given below:

· Gujarat Bhujodi Shawl, Stoles, Chamak Shawl, Patang Shawl, Jari Mirror Shawl
· Jammu & Kashmir Kanishawl, Pashmina Shawl, Woolen Dress Material, Stoles
.   Himachal Pradesh Kullu Shawl, Muffler, Tweed, Himachal Cap
.   Maharashtra Ghongadi
.   Leh Pashmina Shawl
.   Uttarakhand Loi, Donkha, Blanket, Shawl, Pankhi
· Rajasthan Pattu, Jacket, Blanket
· Uttar Pradesh Shawl, Woolen Dress Material, Jacket, Durry


Government of India has launched the “Handloom Mark” scheme for handloom products and “India Handloom Brand” scheme for branding of high-quality handloom products with zero defects and zero effect on the environment to encourage and give a distinct identity to the products, apart from highlighting the sustainability and uniqueness of the products.  It also serves a guarantee for the buyer that the product being purchased is genuinely handwoven.  All the exhibitors at the Wool Fab have been encouraged to display the ‘Handloom Mark’ and ‘India Handloom Brand’ tag on the products and thus aim to improve the earnings of the handloom weaver community.

Handloom sector is a symbol of our country’s rich and varied cultural heritage. It is a traditional and still futuristic sector with focus on sustainable production. The handloom sector of India consists of 35 lakh handloom workers. The art of handloom weaving has traditional values attached to it and each region has exquisite varieties. The uniqueness of woolen products such as Kani shawl, Pashmina Shawl, Kullu Shawl, Jacket, Muffler, Stoles, Coat, Woolen Suits to name a few attracts customers across the globe with exclusives weaves, designs and traditional motifs.

Over the period of more than 2 decades, this exhibition is an initiative of the office of Development Commissioner for Handlooms, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India through National Handloom Development Corporation (NHDC) Ltd. to provide direct access to the handloom woolen weavers to market their products to consumers in various cities of India. The participants are from various State Government Bodies / Apex Societies, Primary Handloom Weavers Co-operative Societies / Handloom Agencies and Integrated Handloom Development Scheme. Coinciding with 75 years of Independence, there will be 75 Stalls including thematic display of handloom products, live loom demonstration and exhibition cum sale by weavers from across India.

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