Where should I go for a short trip in Malaysia?

If you are looking for that perfect short trip, Malaysia is among the best for your ideas with its waterfalls, jungles that have been forgotten, viridian tea estates, amazing beaches, colonial cities, and luxurious places that are the price of a fraction of properties alike in the United States and Malaysia. Oh, and we definitely forgot to mention about its mouth-watering delicacies, right? So if there actually exists a nation in Southeast Asia where you can plan a short getaway to, Malaysia is definitely it. Before getting a visa for Malaysia, the only thing you require is to know where exactly you can do short trips in Malaysia. This article will provide you with all such places where you should go for a short trip in this country.



The country’s hidden gem, Ipoh is situated in the midway between Penang and Kuala Lumpur and can be reached with a couple of hours from any of these places by train or by bus. A small, colourful town, the place is well-known for its street food and world-class street art. Your itinerary for Ipoh might consist watching street art in Mural Arts Lane along with roaming in the Market Lane and Concubine Lane, both of which are as old as the time of colonial rule. These places are presently consist of street art, cafes, shops, and umbrellas and thus, their colour have made them even more of a tourist destination.


Cameron Highlands

If you have got a thing for nature and wish to see the same in Malaysia, Cameron Highlands is just the right place with its hilly tea plantations, indigenous settlements, dense jungles, and traditional villages. The mountainous region with high altitudes demonstrates that the place boasts a climate that is much cooler than a bulk of the Malaysian mainland. So, this is the best place if you wish to experience a little cold during the humid and hot months of summer.

There is a lot that can keep you occupied in Cameron Highlands irrespective of your style of travelling or key interests. The largest exporter as well as producer of tea of the nation, BOH tea plantation is situated here and not only these fields are amazing to be looked at but also provide a background for Insta-worthy pictures.

There are buses that run to this place from Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Ipoh. You may stay in Brinchang or Tanah Rata in order to allow yourself to be walking distance away from the major attractions of the region.



Penang, a place situated off the northwest coast, is among the most beautiful destinations in the country for a short trip, specifically if you are travelling with your family or friends. There are end number of places that you can go to as well as activities that you can do while you are in Penang. Skyline views, ancient temples, vibrant street art, delicious food, and beautiful beaches are among a few of these.

You may begin your exploration from George Town with the Colonial old town region, a heritage site of UNESCO popular for its incredible street art and conventional buildings. A tricycle or a walk are the only best ways for exploring them. You might even have your mid-day meal at any local restaurant in Little India that is not only popular for its Indian cuisine but also for the restaurants and cafes that are focused on Middle Eastern.


A riverside town, Melaka is rich in Portuguese, Dutch, and British colonial history with a status of UNESCO heritage as well. The place is very small, which makes it perfect for a weekend trip and thus, can also by explored by wandering. Filled with quirky street art, ancient landmarks, and multi-coloured heritage buildings, this place has something for every person.

There are a number of activities to perform in this place but among the major highlights is the Jonker Street Weekend Night Market. This market runs on the weekends that is, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. One may find a huge variety of stalls that sell delicious street food along with souvenirs.

Do not forget to try NyonaLaksa, which is a noodle soup that is creamy coconut-based and is a specialty of Melaka along with being a mixture of Chinese and Malay influences.


The Bottom Line

Malaysia is a country that has a number of places for weekend getaways. Not only does this country offer its beauty of nature to be appreciated by you but also the street arts with colourful streets and traditional buildings that date back to the colonial times. Whether you are with your family, friends, partner, or even alone, this country has got several things for you to be witnessed and a number of activities to be performed.

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