Visual Artist & Calligraphist Abdul Salam Khan participated in “2nd All India Calligraphy Workshop cum Exhibition”

New Delhi: Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Arabic Persian Research Institute, Tonk, Government of Rajasthan organized “2nd All India Calligraphy Workshop & Exhibition” from 28th January to 1st February 2019 at APRI campus. The exhibition & workshop was inaugurated by Shree Seema Guha, Honorable Secretary Art, Literature, Culture and Archeology Department Government of Rajasthan. The event was graced by the Former Director Shahebzada, Janab Shaukat Ali khan and Dr. Saulat Ali Khan, present Director APRI.

For this prestigious workshop cum exhibition APRI called 17 Calligraphist across India such as Abdul Salam Khan, New Delhi, Hari Sankar Beluthia, Jaipur, Classical Calligrapher experts in Dev Nagrik script he blend a massage national brotherhood with Mahatma Gandhi portrait, Khurseed Alam, Classical Master and disciple of Eminent Calligraphist Khaliq Tonki complete his work with Khatte Sulush, Zafar Raza Khan, emitted the quora of Quran in khatte Nastaliq, Murlidhar Arora, frame Ayat of Quran in khatte Sulush, Salam Qausari from J&K grapes a beautiful Ayat in khatte Diwani script, Riwazul Hassan, a Master Calligrapher {Guinness world Record Holder } of Tonk blended two scripts khatte Sulush and Diwani to complete his beautiful art work, Gulam Ahmed also blended Katte Diwani and Sulush for his work, Motiullah Wafsi, express his faith and believes by emitted an Ayat for Quran in rare script Khatte Hiri, Mohammad Hassan, Classical Calligrapher of Mumbai frame his master work with Khatte Sulush and rest are from National Council of Promotion Urdu Language, Calligraphy and Graphic Designing center Instructors who have work on different script and form

National Awarded Visual Artist cum Calligraphist holds the eyes of spectators as he is an impressionist and simply the magician of Colors. He is an artist without brushes, he completed his work with palette Knife which create a curiosity among the visitors and the fusion of two alien scripts he made in his Canvas shows the boldness as a Calligraphists which stand apart him from the other Calligraphers. He blends the Arabic Language {Allah} with English Language {hu Akbar} that not only create newness but it gives the massage of International Brotherhood.

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