Vice President of India releases Rajya Sabha #Calendar 2020

New Delhi: Vice President of India releases Rajya Sabha Calendar 2020 .

“I am happy that we have gathered here today on the occasion of release of the Rajya Sabha #Calendar 2020 which is dedicated to the memory of Mahatma Gandhiji, the Father of our Nation, on the occasion of celebration of his 150th Birth Anniversary,” says Vice President of India, M Venkiah Naidu.

“The Calendar captures various themes based on #Mahatma Gandhi’s life and works such as Truth and Non-violence, Upliftment of all, Freedom in the real sense, Cleanliness and Sanitation, Harmony and Peace, Self-Reliance, Rural Upliftment, Removal of Untouchability, and others.Gandhiji was a multi faceted personality, a great leader and a visionary who personified certain everlasting ideals and universal values such as truth, non-violence, peace, harmony and tolerance. His philosophy of truth and non-violence stands him apart as a great leader who led India to freedom and inspired many leaders across the world,” says Vice President of India.

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