“Tribal Languages at Crossroads: Utkal University Leads the Charge in Language Preservation”


Bhubaneswar: The Anthropology Department of Utkal University and the School of Tribal Studies and Indigenous Research (STIR) organized a workshop to promote the preservation of tribal languages. The event, titled “Tribal Languages at Crossroads: Alternatives for the Future,” aimed to create awareness about the endangered tribal languages of India and the need to preserve them.

The workshop began with a warm welcome by Dr Santanu Kumar Das and the welcome song by Dr. Anasuya Nath, Hod, Mathematics. He introduced the speakers and highlighted the importance of preserving tribal languages. The speakers included the Hon’ble chairperson Dr. Parmananda Patel, Dr. Santanu Kumar Das, Director of STIR, Ramakant Jena, Director of STIR, Prof. DS Pattnaik, PG Council Chairman of Utkal University, Dr. Avaya Kumar Nayak, Registrar of Utkal University, Prof. Sabita Acharya, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of Utkal University, Prof, Kanhu Charan Satpathy, HOD of Anthropology department, Dr. Rina Routray. Each speaker shared their valuable insights on the topic and encouraged the audience to contribute to the preservation of tribal languages.

The technical session followed, which provided more in-depth information about the importance of preserving tribal languages. The session began with a thematic introduction to the topic by Dr.Sushree Sangita Mohanty which included videos and intriguing slides, chaired by Ramakanta Jena, Director of STIR followed by technical deliberations by Dr Parmananda Patel. The speakers emphasized the vital role of language in preserving culture and highlighted the loss of cultural identity that can occur when a language is lost. They also discussed various initiatives taken by the government and other organizations to preserve tribal languages.

The question-answer round was held after the technical session, where the audience was given the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers. The speakers clarified the doubts and answered the questions patiently.

Overall, the workshop was a huge success, with students and faculty members from various departments participating in the event. The workshop was an excellent initiative to create awareness about the need to preserve tribal languages and to celebrate the heterogeneity of languages in India. The event concluded with a vote of thanks and it was an enriching experience for everyone present.

In conclusion, the workshop highlighted the importance of preserving every language that exists among us and emphasized the need for collective efforts to ensure that the rich cultural heritage of India is not lost due to the extinction of tribal languages and the vote of thanks given by Dr. Reena Routray.


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