TPCODL played an important role in providing uninterrupted power services during “Balijatra 2023”

Bhubaneswar, December 07 2023: TP Central Odisha Distribution Lim ited (TPCODL), a joint venture between Tata Power and the Government of Odisha, has successfully ensured uninterrupted power supply throughout the 9 days of the historic Balijatra in Cuttack. TPCODL implemented a comprehensive series of initiatives, aiming to elevate the customer experience and contribute to the creation of a safer and digitally empowered community. This year’s Balijatra witnessed an extraordinary turnout of around one crore peaple, covering 100 acres of land, ensuring a flawless power supply experience. Meticulaus preparations, managed by 200 field staff and 20 officers, were completed ten days in advance, leading to uninterrupted power supply from November 27th to December 5th, 2023. In a prpactive move, TPCODL initiated an awareness campaign on digital payment methods at Balijatra, advacating for a secure and efficient payment ecasystem. Customers opting for digital payment modes to settie monthly electricity bills within the due date are entitled to substantial rebates, reflecting TPCODL’s commitment to modern financial practices. Prioritizing safety, TPCODL conducted extensive awareness campaigns during Balijatra. Public education on critical safety guidelines included using authorized electricians for wiring and testing, maintaining safe distances from electrical installations, awareness for unautharized hooking. ensuring proper earthing and promoting energy-efficient LED ights. This commitment underscores TPCODL’s dedication to create a safe and secure environment. Encouraging widespread adoption, TPCODL urged Balijatra attendees to download the Mitra App, enhancing customer experience and simplifying complaint resolution. The Mitra App allows seamless access to features such as instant electricity bill payments and real time power outage updates in the Central Odisha region. Simultaneously, an awareness campaign promoted eco-friendly alternatives like solar rooftop installations. Addressing temporary power needs, TPCODL pravided temparary service connections to each and every stalls in the historic Balijatra. Ten dedicated assistance points at Balijatra facilitated customer queries, streamlined new connections and pravided temporary connections, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply experience. Speaking on Balijatra, Arvind Singh, CEO, TPCODL, expressed, ‘Our firm dedication t safety ensured a Balijatra that was not only filled with joy but also exceptionally secured for everyone involved. We request the public to obtain authorized electricity connections and adopt digital payment modes to settle their bills and regularly follow safety protocols. Your safety is our top priority.”

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