Three-Day National Seminar of CSTT, Ministry of Education, Govt. of India in collaboration with  Sri Sri University   


Cuttack: Council for Scientific and Technical Terminology (CSTT), Ministry of Education (Dept. of Higher Education.) Govt. of India in collaboration with Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science and Research Hospital, Sri Sri University has organized a 3-day National Seminar, entitled, “Progress & Prospects of Ayurveda Terminology in the Present Scenario with Reference to Teaching and Research”, from 03rd to 05th of January, 2022. The program held at the Sri Sri University, Cuttack campus was attended by eminent personalities, experts, exponents, professors, teachers and practitioners of Ayurveda across India.

This seminar was aimed at discussing, deliberating and enriching the use of various terms and terminologies, which are being used in Ayurveda and their appropriate meaning and interpretation sourced from fundamental Sanskrit and their appropriate meaning in Hindi and English language for better understanding and application in teaching and research. The intellectual outcome of the seminar is aimed at shaping and strengthening the New Education Policy, 2020, particularly in the context of Ayurvedic Science and Research, in India and around the globe.

In the Inaugural Session of the Seminar held in blended mode, Vice-Chancellor, Kalahandi University, Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay Satpathy was the Chief Guest. While President of Sri Sri University, Prof. (Mrs.) Rajita Kulkarni and Chairman CSTT and Vice-Chairman AICTE, Prof. M P Poonia joined online via video conference, the Vice-Chancellor Sri Sri University, Prof.(Dr.) Ajay Kumar Singh along with Executive Registrar of the University, Prof.(Dr.) B. R. Sharma, Senior Scientific officer of CSTT Dr. Bhimsen Behera, along with Dean, SSCASRH Prof.(Dr.) P.K. Panda, Medical Superintendent, SSCASRH, Prof.(Dr.) D. P. Dash. The Chief Administrative Officer, SSCASRH Dr. Sandhya Sadana gave the welcome address.
Delivering the presidential address, Prof. Rajita Kulkarni exhorted the experts in healthcare and scientific research and teaching to contribute their efforts in expanse and better establishment of Ayurveda in the modern parlance, and expressed her desire to establish SSCASRH, SSU as the gateway of healthcare in Odisha. Sharing his thoughts on the depth of Ayurveda the Chief Guest Prof. Satpathy narrated citing his personal experience the vast utility and application of Ayurveda in the System of health care. Prof. Ajay Kumr Singh said that, Ayurveda should become the mainstream system of medicine instead of being treated as an alternative medicine. While Dr. Behera spoke on the importance of terminologies encouraged the participants for extensive discussion, Prof. Sharma shared his inputs of utility of technical terms in application of Ayurveda and Yogic Sciences. Prof. Panda while delivering the keynote address explained the need for the seminar and elaborated on the technical terms and application in Ayurveda. In the end, Prof. Dash extended the vote of thanks to all and shared his views on the seminar. A book entitled, Health at Your Command, authored by Prof.(Dr.) Chaturbuja Bhuyan was released during the ceremony.
In the following seven scientific sessions spread over the next three days extensive discussion were held on a wide ranges and themes, spanning across Practical Significance of Ayurvedic Terminology at Present Scenario, Swasthavritta Teaching, Dravyaguna Perspectiv, Kaumarabhritya with Terminologies, Yogic Practices and Ayurgenomics. Elaborate Discussions were also held on Establishment of Language Lab. in Ayurvedic Colleges, Progress and Prospect of Research in Ayurveda and its applied aspects in terminology, the Science of Proctology and Importance of Diet as per Ayurvedic Guidelines.
Significantly, the conference was attended by two Vice Chancellors of universities in Odisha, seven Principals of Ayruvedic Colleges across the county and more than ten veteran professors and more than seventy experts on Ayurveda. The partial listing of key note speakers include, Prof. (Dr.) Suhas Shetty, Principal, Ayurvedic College, Belgavi, Karnataka; Prof. (Dr.) Ganesh Puttur, Principal, Sri Sri Ayurvedic College, Bengaluru; Prof. (Dr.) Manjunath N.S., Principal SBSJS Ayurvedic Medical College, Farrukhabad; Prof. (Dr.) K. T. Routray, Principal, SSN Ayurvedic Medical College, Paikmal, Bargarh; Prof. (Dr.) A K Bhadoria, Principal, Mathura Ayurvedic College,UP; Prof. (Dr.) Divyashree R. and Prof. (Dr.) Sudheer B. R. from Sri Sri Ayurvedic College, Bengaluru; Prof. (Dr.) Braja Kishore Swain, Former Professor, Sri Jagnnath Sanskrit University, Puri : Prof. (Dr.) Ramakrushna Panigrahi, Former Principal, GAC, Balangir; Prof. (Dr.) Bramhananda Mohapatra, Former Principal, GAC, Balangir; Dr. Kasturi Sirisha, Asst. Prof., Sanskrit; Dr.N.R.S Govt. Ayurveda College, Vijayawada,AP etc. The three day national Seminar was live on Facebook for wider reach.

Notably, admissions into the 5 year professional BAMS course at SSCASRH, SSU will begin in the academic session 2021-22.

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