SVM college land row, Alumni, and Civil administration meeting unsuccessful

Report by Kahnu Nanda, Jagatsinghpur: The civil administration convened a meeting with alumni of SVM College with regards to sorting out ongoing land rows that remained unfruitful on Tuesday.
The district collector Parul Patwari who invited the meeting left abruptly citing her post engagement, the attending college’s former students forced to leave the consultation raising protests, informed alumni leader Advocate Basudev.
The report said that responding SVM College former students protest acquiring college land for construction of a road to the proposed indoor stadium there, district collector was called a meeting with the agitating alumni and college authority on Tuesday.
Briefing attending college stakeholders and alumni, the collector promoted the construction of a new indoor stadium adjacent to SVM College, so that students would be benefited from developing their indoor games and sports activities.
A 20 feet road will be constructed connecting to the indoor stadium, so few feet of government land encroached by College since years would be utilized, college main gate and boundary wall will demolish and will be rebuilt by the administration later, collector assured.
But attending alumni leader advocate Basudev strongly opposed the administration’s endeavor to acquire college land for the construction of road, he pleaded that no justification for acquiring college-occupied land for the road purpose when college requires more land for its future augmentation.
Another college former student Arupananda Khanduala defended as a premier educational institution of the district we require its further development starting more classes, new courses for students for which more lands are necessitated we demand land under possession of college to transfer to the name of college, he claimed.
Amidst the meeting turned in to altercation, the collector said she has talked with the college management committee president, he has given his willingness so we will go ahead with the proposal, then she left the congregation citing her post engagement.
After the departure of the collector, the meeting was abruptly ended causing loud protests by alumni, they described Collector insulted them by inviting at the meeting when no result was discovered, rued advocate Basudev.

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