Student of Odissi from Paris, visitor from Russia and families join Ekamra Walks

Bhubaneswar: Camille Nageotte from Paris is a dancer of contemporary dance forms. Currently practicing contemporary, ballets and jazz, she loves to learn traditional and folk dances from across the world. But, before learning the steps of the sensuous and lyrical Odissi dance, she also wanted to step in as a walker at Ekamra Walks, Old Town Circuit, to know the temple art as she knew that the origin of Odissi has a proven “temple connect’’.
Yes! Like Camille many well-known dancers have already visited _the city’s only guided heritage tour. However, her case is unique as she has come with a proper roadmap and she has already met well-known Odissi Guru Padmashri Ileana Citaristi during the heritage walk and also experienced the dance form from the young students of Art Vision, the institute of Guru Ileana Citaristi on the Western bank of holy lake Bindusagar.
Camille will stay in the city for couple of days to learn Odissi from another well-known Odissi Guru Bichitrananda Swain’s institute at Pokhariput, Rudraksh Foundation.
So dedicated and particular about learning local, traditional and folk dance forms, Camille has already learnt many folk dances of France, Spain, Nepal and after Odisha she is planning to reach Malaysia through the new International flight to learn their folk dance.
With the 30 walkers at the 73rd Ekamra Walks, Old Town Circuit, Maria Vsacheva from Saratov region of Russia has come to Odisha for the first time, though she has so far visited India for several times before.
“I am going to stay for a week at the city and I love the people as they are very supportive and help me in finding the way and also local food. I have enjoyed thoroughly and would out of Odisha via Malayasia,’’ Maria said.
The heritage walk today also included two twin sisters Sana and Samiya from Dubai. “Though we are originally from Bhubaneswar, we are now staying at Dubai and on a vacation to explore the city. Both of us are studying in Grade IX at The International School of Choueifat — Dubai’’ said the twin sisters.
Another kid from Aanjula Das came for the heritage walk with her parents. “We all the children have enjoyed the walk very much as this is so far a unique experience for me. Knowing the temple art, traditions, Odissi dance and last but not the least the medicinal plant garden was a lovely experience. I will definitely tell my other friends about Ekamra Walks,’’ she added.
City-based activist and businessman Sunil Bhagwani, who is famous for his group for plantation and green activities, said “I am happy that so many people from such a wide spectrum is coming for the heritage walk. However, our city dwellers staying here must participate in more numbers.’’
Director, NCC Odisha Col Kirpal Singh also joined the walk after experiencing the Monks, Caves and Kings yesterday. “I am really inspired and we will make it a point to advise out teams and delegates to bother you.
Engineer in Rural Development Division, Berhampur Sushanta Kumar Pradhan joined the walk with wife Kuntala Pradhan. “I have come here on earlier occasion for Ekamra Walks and the other one at the Twin hills. However, today’s experience with the introduction by a fellow archaeologist Jitu Mishra also helped us to learn many things.

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