SC & ST Commissioner visited Chandragiri & Serango of Gajapati

Gajapati: SC & ST Commissioner-cum-Director Mr.R. Raghuprasad visited Chandragiri & Serango of Gajapati to review ongoing OPELIP (Odisha Primitive Empowerment Livelihood Improvement Project )implemented by SWWS & JKP and monitored by SDA (Soura Development Agency) & LSDA (LanjiaSoura Development Agency) respectively. He visited Kankarada village of Chandragiri implemented by SWWS & village under LSDA implemented by JKP. He interacted with villagers about their support on the ongoing project. Befitting their support to establish natural resource through land water & forest for sustainable livelihood he advised. He also enquired on education & health situation with supporting services of line departments. Mr. P. Rabindra Special Officer of SDA Chandragir, Special Officer of LSDA Serango with DJRaju of SWWS & DMPanda of JKP the implementing agencies facilitated the Commissioner on various activities under OPELIP.