STAMP makeover of Smart Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar : While the city is gearing up for the upcoming festive fever with the Hockey World Cup 2023 knocking, SMART is back to Bhubaneswar. STreet Art & Murals Project (STAMP) is formally launched jointly by BMC & BDA to give a smart & cooler look to Bhubaneswar with a congregation of modern & classic murals & motifs. This time, the city authorities have reached out to citizens for their suggestions & ideas to curate a cleaner cooler & awesomer Bhubaneswar with active participation from people from all walks of life for this unique public art initiative.

Earlier around 6Lac Sq.ft wall arts & murals have been done back in 2017 and 2018. This time, the city authorities have larger plans for this year’s STAMP to include citizens voicing and ideating their own favorite area of the city get designed with their own ideas. In addition, the plan is to include organizations of national repute like Lalitkala Academy providing support & bringing artists from all across India with the states’ own artist community joining hands for adding value & depth thoughts in designing

The HWC 2023 edition of STAMP will also see the sculptures spinning up in the BBSR public spaces curated by renowned as well as budding artists from local & national. With the upcoming works around city junctions.

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