Special Lecture on ‘Designing Effective Research Proposal for Social Sciences Inquiry’ at CUO


A Special Lecture on ‘Designing Effective Research Proposal for Social Sciences Inquiry’ was organized by the Department of Sociology, Central University of Odisha, on August 22, 2023, on its Sunabeda campus. Professor Pradeep Kumar Parida, Department of Sociology, Pondicherry University, delivered the lecture and highlighted various aspects of academic research. Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Chakradhar Tripathi, conveyed his best wishes for the success of the programme. He hoped the students and scholars would learn different techniques and enhance their skills for the best research work in the field of social science.  Prof. Sudhendu Mandal presided over the programme and delivered the presidential address.

Dr. Kapila Khemundu, Associate Professor and Head Department of Sociology, delivered the welcome address and conveyed his gratitude to the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor for kindly providing the opportunity to organize the special lecture.

Prof. Parida, Department highlighted what academic research is.  He said that a systematic research design helps obtain verifiable evidence, accurate data, and systematic information. He also discussed objectivity in social science research, reliability, and predictability. He explains that social sciences have very low predictability in comparison to natural sciences. The preparation of good research proposals and the aims of social science research are some of the key points discussed in the context of hypothesis, problem formulation, sampling, tools, and social science research techniques.


Prof. Sudhendu Mandal highlighted the need for effective publishing of research in his presidential address. He advised scholars that the research must be published in the best journal. By which society can be benefited from it.


The program was attended by faculty members, research scholars, and students of the Department of Sociology and other departments of the University. Prof. Rabi Narayan Patra from COATS, Prof. Srijib Bhusan Bagchi, Visiting Professor of Statistics, Dr. Aditya Keshari Mishra and Dr. Nupur Patnaik, Faculty of Sociology, Dr. Phagunath Bhoi, PRO, and other non-teaching staff also remained present in the programme. The programme was compeered by Ms. Harapriya Dash, MA second-year student, and Mr. Biplab Maiti from the Dept. of Sociology offered a vote of thanks.

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