Central University of Odisha Marks 89th Utkal Divas with Grand Celebration

The Central University of Odisha commemorated the 89th Utkal Divas with a grand program held on its campus at Sunabeda on 01 April 2024. The event saw the participation of esteemed guests, scholars, and dignitaries from various fields.

The Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Chakradhar Tripathi, presided over the ceremony, setting the tone for a day filled with cultural richness and intellectual discourse. Dr. Rajendra Padhi, a distinguished literary figure and scholar of Language and Culture, graced the event as the Chief Speaker, captivating the audience with his insights. Joining the distinguished line-up were notable figures, including Prof. N. C. Panda, Registrar I/c. and Dean of the School of Languages at CUO, along with Dr. Rudrani Mohanty, Associate Professor and HoD and Dr. Satya Sarangi, Guest Faculty from the Department of Odia Language and Literature.

Inaugurating the programme, Prof. Tripathi underscored the significance of Odisha as the first state founded based on its language, emphasizing the profound cultural heritage embedded within the Odia language. He highlighted the challenges of translating Odia literature from medieval times, acknowledging the timeless wisdom encapsulated in works by renowned poets like Kavi Samrat Upendra Bhanja and Saint Poet Bhima Bhoi. In addressing the current state of Odisha, he urged the University community to take on a leading role in the state’s development across various sectors, including education, economy, politics, natural resources, and agriculture. Additionally, he announced the imminent introduction of a diploma course in Odia language by the University.

Dr. Padhi shed light on the historical backdrop of modern Odisha’s establishment and the pivotal role of its culture. He stressed the need to integrate tribal culture into educational curricula, recognizing its invaluable contribution to Odia language and culture.

Prof. Panda echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the global recognition of Jagannath culture and the richness of Odia literature, including epic works like Sarala Mahabharat and Dandi Ramayan. Dr. Sarngi elucidated the objectives and importance of Utkal Divas celebration, while Prof. Hemraj Meena, Director in-charge of the Rajbhasha Cell, also shared insights on the occasion.

The event commenced with a warm welcome address by Dr. Rudrani Mohanty, followed by introductions to the dignitaries by Dr. Ganesh Prasad Sahu, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Odia. Dr. Pradosh Kumar Swain, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Odia extended gratitude on behalf of the University community. Faculty members and students of the Central University of Odisha participated enthusiastically, making the 89th Utkal Divas celebration a memorable and enriching experience for all in attendance.

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