Shanti Memorial Hospital successfully performs Pyloric Stenting

Bhubaneswar: Shanti Memorial Hospital, a leading heathcare service provider announces that it successfully performs pyloric stenting in a senior old patient first time in Cuttack city. A team led by Dr Gautam Nath performed the procedure.
Elaborating about the cas, Dr Nath said that a 60 year old patient subject presented to the gastroenterology department with complaints of repeated vomitting after taking solid food for one month. There was associated weight loss with a significant decrease in appetite. On examination there were swollen lymph nodes in neck. An upper GI endoscopy was performed and it revealed that there was a cancerous mass covering the outlet of stomach with very narrowing exit for passage of food. Biopsy was done from neck swelling and stomach mass, which came out to be advanced stage cancer. Patient subsequently developed inability to take clear liquid.
Hospital officials said that, considering advancement of the tumour, surgical treatment could not have been opted. Hence a pyloric stenting was planned. In this procedure we place a metallic mesh pipe across the narrowed part of stomach, thereby forming a route for smooth passage of food down the intestines. Pyloric stenting was done for the mentioned patient and then patient was kept on fasting for 24 hrs post stent placement in order to allow gradual opening of the stent in stomach. Procedure was absolutely painless and uneventful. Post 24 hrs patient was able to take liquid diet followed up by regular diet.
Pyloric stenting is a very useful procedure with good cost effectiveness. There is a significant improvement in quality of life and morbidity in terminal stage stomach cancer patients, with stenting. Compared to surgical bypass, the duration of hospital stay and morbidity is also comparatively less.

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