“Sanjeevani – Lifestyle Clinic” Inaugurated at Armed Forces Clinic, New Delhi

New Delhi : An integrated facility, aptly named the “Sanjeevani – Lifestyle Clinic” to provide advice on diet, exercise and behavioural counselling thereby rendering comprehensive preventive and curative care on lifestyle diseases to all serving & retired personnel and their dependents has been inaugurated at the Armed Forces Clinic, New Delhi by Mrs Archana Pande, President, Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA) on 11 October 2022.

With increasing lifestyle changes, diseases such as obesity, hypertension, dyslipedemia and diabetes are on a rising trend among Indian population. Members of the Armed Forces are no exception, and show similar trends. These non-communicable diseases are preventable and can be managed by utilising multi-disciplinary & non-pharmacological approaches.

The aim of “Sanjeevani – Lifestyle Clinic” is to sensitise Armed Forces personnel and dependents identified to be at risk, regarding lifestyle disorders, prevent and manage chronic disorders like diabetes, hypertension and obesity etc, without pharmacologic interventions by promoting a healthy lifestyle through dietary education, exercise and positive motivation. The lifestyle disease clinic team will consist of a Dietician, Physical Trainer and a Counsellor, having expertise in their respective fields. An automated device named “Health Kiosk” has also been installed in the clinic for recording anthropometric parameters at baseline and follow-up, to keep track of progress made over time.

This novel initiative by the Indian Army, will promote healthy lifestyle as a method of preventive healthcare, and ensure safe and drug free therapy, for reversing various metabolic disorders. This initiative will bring a positive change to quality of life and self-confidence of affected serving soldiers, veterans and their families.


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