Sanjali Centre for Odissi Dance presents ‘Pravaha Dance Festival’ – a tribute to Odissi legend Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra

Bangalore : To celebrate the legacy of Odissi legend Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra, Sanjali Centre for Odissi Dance presents ‘Pravaha Dance Festival’ on Sunday 4th September at ADA Rangamandira at 6PM.


Leading Odissi exponent Sharmila Mukerjee will present ‘Maneka’, an original choreography that revolves around the story of Menaka who is considered to be one of the most beautiful and intelligent of the heavenly apsaras. The dance festival will also feature performances by the Sanjali Ensemble and ‘Paartha’ by noted Bharatanatyam artists Parshwanath S Upadhye, Shruti Gopal, and Adithya PV.


Pravaha Dance Festival by Sanjali Centre for Odissi Dance is a celebration of the vision, creativity and artistic performances of Guru Kelucharan. Over a sprawling career of over five decades, Guru Kelucharan enriched the Odissi repertoire with his new compositions. His liberal outlook and love for art has influenced his students to explore unconventional themes that make Odissi relevant for a modern audience. Today, he continues to live through his disciples world over. Sharmila Mukerjee, his disciple, has been instrumental in bringing Odissi to the forefront of the performing arts scene in Bangalore over the last several years through various performances and dance festivals such as Pravaha.


‘Maneka’ by Sharmila Mukerjee

Maneka, as the name implies, tells the story of Apsara Maneka, who was regarded as one of the most beautiful and intelligent of the heavenly apsaras. Sharmila’s 25 minute piece on Maneka will revolve around the love story of Sage Vishwamitra and Menaka. Though apsaras are commonly depicted as celestial beings known solely for their beauty, they, like everyone else, have feelings. Feelings of happiness, love, anxiety and heartbreak. Sharmila’s performance depicts Maneka’s feelings about love and how heartbroken she is when she is forced to leave Vishwamitra and her child for the greater good. Through her performance, Sharmila gives voice to Maneka’s feelings of grief and desperation from having to separate from her loved ones.


‘Partha’ by Parshwanath S Upadhye, Shruti Gopal and Adithya PV

Partha depicts the life journey of the Pandava prince Arjuna, who, even while basking in glory as an archer par excellence, is not entirely devoid of human imperfections. Like any other human being, he in good times recollects his good deeds and during bad times remembers the wrongs committed by him, knowingly or unknowingly and exclaims at the paradoxes that life is composed of.


Surya Vandana and Vananth Geetam by Sanjali Ensemble

Surya Vandana, an invocation to God Surya, depicts the different phases of the sun. On the other hand, ‘Vananth Geetam’ portrays the beauty of the spring season.


When: 4th September

Where: ADA Rangamandira, JC Road

Time: 6PM


Contact: +91 98862 31500

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