Sand artist Manas Sahoo urges people to use cotton bags

Puri: Famous Sand artist Manas Sahoo is spreading awareness to keep ourselves away from the dangers of plastic use at the sea-beach of Puri through his sand art.

The ill effects of plastic use have started rising around the world day by day. The whole world starting from the plant and animal world to the human beings everyone has started getting victimized by the ill effects of plastic. In order to stop the massive use of this plastic a message of awareness is being given by international sand artist Manas Kumar Sahoo where Mr. Sahoo in his sand art has shown one person holding a cotton bag and also asking everyone, “Where is your cotton bag?” The intention behind this art is that all of us should come out of our house holding a cotton bag for shopping, by which the use of plastic will slowly be reduced and by this the future disaster of plastic pollution can also be minimized.

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