PVR INOX announced the opening of its second cinema in Rourkela

Rourkela: PVR INOX, the largest and the most premium cinema exhibitor in India has announced the opening of its second cinema in Rourkela today at Plutone Mall. Strengthening its footprints across Odisha, the newly launched 5-screen multiplex would offer city residents yet another out-of-home entertainment destination to watch movies in the best of immersive environment.


PVR INOX will strengthen its foothold in Odisha with 25 screens in 6 properties with its presence in Bhubaneshwar, Cuttack and Rourkela and continues its expansion in the Eastern part of India with 131 screens in 34 properties.

Located in the heart of the city at Gopabandhu Nagar, Chhend Colony, the new multiplex has a total seating capacity of 729 audiences and last row recliners to add to the comfort of discerning customers. To provide an unparalleled captivating and immersive experience, the 5-screen property is equipped with cutting-edge cinematic technologies including SP4K next-generation laser projectors for ultra-high resolution and brightest images, Next-Gen 3D screens for visibly deeper 3D content and Dolby 7.1 for an unparalleled surround sound experience.


Commenting on the launch, Mr. Ajay Bijli, Managing Director, PVR INOX Limited, said, “Watching a movie in a cinema is one of the most remarkable shared experiences of the modern times. We are extremely delighted to expand our footprint in the state of Odisha that provides a conducive environment for investment and ease of doing business. With rising consumerism, cinema viewing habits are also rapidly changing and PVR INOX is constantly innovating to meet the evolving tastes of movie goers. Rourkela, the industrial capital of Odisha is developing fast and among the cities identified under the government’s smart city mission and is inviting global attention. We feel proud to dedicate our second cinema for the residents in the steel city.”


Styled in contemporary design language, a visually stunning foyer provides a warm and welcoming ambience. The seating spaces in the foyer with metal and teal color gives a rich and vibrant feeling while the curated graphics of eminent movie scenes enhances the aesthetics of the property. All the 5 audis are uniquely designed with two different themes, one in half drape and the other with fabric paneling and adding to the glamour are lit V signage across the side walls.


Commenting on the launch, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Bijli, Executive Director, PVR INOX Limited said, “Better lifestyles and rising disposable incomes amplify the aspirational levels of people and act as a great opportunity to expand our presence in Tier-2 and Tier-3 markets. Our further inroads into Rourkela is based on this belief as the city holds lot of promise with economic development, infrastructure expansion and its cosmopolitan nature. We are happy to welcome our guests to a world of comfort, luxury, convenience and happy memories at our new cinema.”


With this opening, PVR INOX has strengthened its growth momentum and has opened 97 screens across 14 properties in 12 cities since the merger.


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