TPSODL Enhances Power Infrastructure in Berhampur City

Berhampur, April: TPSODL (TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited) has taken significant steps towards ensuring a better and more reliable power supply in Berhampur city. The initiative involves the installation of new distribution transformers across key areas of the city, aimed at elevating the standard of power provision for residents and businesses alike.

TPSODL has successfully installed new distribution transformers in strategic locations within Berhampur city. Under the Kanishi section a 250 kVA transformer has been deployed in the vicinity adjacent to the rural water supply and sanitation office at Haldiapadar. Additionally, one 100 kVA distribution transformer each has been set up in the Purahitmill area and Sai Vihar area. These installations are now serving over hundreds of consumers, ensuring a seamless and efficient electricity supply.

TPSODL remains vigilant with a dedicated team of professionals, poised to swiftly address any power-related concerns and undertake necessary work. 

As the summer season unfolds, TPSODL reaffirms its commitment to providing a reliable power supply to the residents of Berhampur.

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