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Happy World Bicycle Day 2021!

Every day is a Bicycle Day for me. However, 3rd June is known as World Bicycle day from 2018 after UNO resolution. As a cyclist, I did a quick introspection last night and penned my thought to celebrate the special day.


My journey as an entrepreneur and as a cyclist started around the same time. I was lucky that I was introduced to BCAC in the early stage of my life. After reading many books and watching videos on leadership and entrepreneurship, I had ingrained one thing in my mind, that “Patience, Persistence and Perseverance are essential for achieving any goal, personal or professional”. And anything that helped me most achieve all these traits in my life is bicycling.

Being a motorcycle enthusiast since a young age, I have always been fascinated by the power and speed we can generate by just pulling the throttle of the motorbike. Covering more distance in less time. And in this fast track world, whether it’s a motorbike, a car or the internet, all we need is speed with least effort. Contrary to that, bicycling is slow and you need to work on it. It’s like slowing down the playback rate of your life. With every pedal, you move a bit. Ultimately this made me more PATIENT.

The roads are quite similar to life, maybe that’s why I love travelling. The ups and downs, the turns and most importantly the turn-arounds. I had experienced all these during my entrepreneurial career. During all these years of bicycling, it taught me a hack. When life throws you an uphill, don’t panic. Reduce the gear and increase the cadence. This too shall pass and the road that goes up will definitely come down. Keep your energy stored on the uphill to stay in the game and you will zip through on the downhill. And ultimately this made me PERSISTENT.

The roads are long, time is limited and all you have is your bike, your tired body and a bunch of like-minded people around you(my BCAC mates) who all have started this journey with you. The end goal is to reach the destination. Rain or heat, the team has always helped and pushed each other to move forward. Which ultimately made me PERSEVERANT.

I tried meditating at home. There are countless benefits to it, but nothing feels better than meditating to the sound of your tyres and drivetrain on the empty roads. When you concentrate on this, you forget everything else happening in your life. And this ultimately made me CALMER. Next time when you hit the road on a bike, try it!

I may have not succeeded as an entrepreneur yet, but bicycling made me a better version of myself who can work hard patiently to achieve anything in life.


Author :
Akshyapadma Mohapatra, Bhubaneswar.


(Akshya is a budding Tech Entrepreneur. Bicycling, Motor Biking & Travelling are few things which make him busy in weekends.)

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