Owners Society Celebrates International Women’s Day


Bhubaneswar, March 9: The women members of Landmark Phase-II Flat Owners Association celebrated the International Women’s Day, 2022, at the society club house last evening with much enthusiasm and spectacular cultural activities.

The society, which is situated along the Sundarapada-Jatni Road on the outskirts of the Temple City Bhubaneswar, organised the event and everything was coordinated by the women members only.

One of the purposes of the event was to encourage women to get involved in public life. The women members performed cultural activities like dance, song, a ramp show and speeches.

Banita Patnaik, Chanda Singh, Jogamaya Tripathi, and Shatarupa contributed to the event’s success.

While Chanda Singh addressed the ladies in a beautiful speech about women empowerment and encouraged them to participate in their communities and families, Subrata Mishra added a sparkle to the programme with the recital of a beautiful song.

With the help of fellow members of the society, Cultural Secretary of the Landmark Phase-II Flat Owners Association Banita Pattanaik conducted the entire programme.

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