On-line film festival by Films Division to mark World Heritage Day

Mumbai: Films Division is presenting an on-line film festival, highlighting well-known heritage sites and monuments of India, to mark the World Heritage Day on 18th April, 2021. Sixteen documentary films will be streamed on FD website and You Tube channel on 18th and 19th April, 2021.

The two days festival will showcase the following films:

Taj Mahal (14 Mins / Hindi / 1958 / B&W / Mushir Ahmad) – the beauty of Taj Mahal, a lyric in marble dedicated to love, is graphically brought out in this film.


Four Centuries Ago (19 Mins /Eng /1961 /Col /Shanti Varma) – the films brings to the screen
the architectural beauty of the monuments of Agra and Fatehpur Sikri.


Chola Heritage (16 Mins /Eng / 1980/ B&W / Adoor Gopalakrishnan) – the film highlights the Dravidian temple architecture and bronze sculpture which attained the creative pinnacle during the rule of the Cholas in the 10th and the 11th centuries.


Mamallapuram (12 Mins / Eng /1976 / Col / B.D. Garga) – a film that recaptures the artistic and spiritual essence of the 7th century rock-cut temples of Mamallapuram, also known as Mahabalipuram.


Hoysala and Chalukyan Architecture of Karnataka (18 Mins /Eng/1984/Col/T.S. Nagabharna) -the film depicts various aspects of Hoysala & Chalukyan architecture in Karnataka.


Konark (20 Mins /Eng /1958 /B&W /Hari S Dasgupta) – the film shows the grand structural design and conception that inspired the unknown sculptors of Konark.


Kailash At Ellora (18 Mins /Eng / 1966 / B&W / Clement Baptista) – the grandeur of the rock-cut carvings of the Kailash temple in the Ellora caves is highlighted in this film.


Khajuraho (18 Mins /Eng /1956 /B&W /Mohan N Wadhwani) – Khajuraho, the city of Gods is shown in this film. During the period of Hindu renaissance, temple architecture received a striking impetus and its most eloquent expression is seen in the inspiring group of temples at Khajuraho.


Cave Temples in India (10 Mins / Eng / 1951 / B&W/ Jagat Murari) – the film vividly portrays the great architectural wealth in stone as reflected in the famous rock-cut caves of Badami, Elephanta and Ellora which reveal a period of Indian history when creative art received ceaseless impetus through religious devotion.


Mandu –The City of Joy (11 Mins/Eng/1957/B&W/Neil Gokhale) – this film takes the viewers through the 600 year old deserted palaces which once formed part of the great kingdom of Malwa.


Nagarjunakonda (16 Mins / Eng / 1958 / B&W / S.N.S Sastry) – the film takes a panoramic view of the silent stone relics of Nagarjunakonda, an ancient, secluded centre of art, learning and research founded 2000 years ago on the banks of the river Krishna in Andhra Pradesh.

Immortal Stupa (12 Mins /Eng /1961 /B&W /Premnath Tarvaz – a film on the Great Stupa at Sanchi, near Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh. It takes the viewer to more than 2,500 years back and is adorned with one of the Pillars of Ashoka.


Hill Temples of Gujarat (13 Mins / Eng / 1964 / B&W / Biren Das) – this film is a pictorial survey of the hill temples of Gujarat at Palitana, Girnar, Taranga hill and Pavagadh.


Orchha Ka Vaibhav (52 Mins / Hin / 2011 / Col / Devendra Chopra) – a film which showcases the archaeological monuments of Orchha & Bundelkhand treasures – some of the most artistic, beautiful palaces and majestic temples.


Archaeology & Monuments of Tripura (53 Mins / Eng / 2012 /Col / Shyamal Ghosh) – this film covers all the important places of archaeology and monuments of Tripura.


Hampi (26 Mins / Eng / 2012 / Col / Ajay Bansal) – a film on Hampi, the capital of Vijayanagar empire and its famous monuments, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.


The documentaries will be streamed on www.filmsdivision.org/Documentary of the Week and https://www.youtube.com/user/FilmsDivision from 18th to 19th April, 2021. All the films will be streamed live, simultaneously, on both the days.


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