COVID19 Testing & Treatment facilities at Rourkela

Rourkela: Various measures are being taken by the district administration, Sundargarh to contain and control the COVID infection in Rourkela city. In addition to maintaining COVID appropriate behaviour, the individuals with COVID symptoms are advised to go for the Flu Clinic at any hospital and opt for RTPCR or Rapid Antigen Tests if so, advised by the doctor. Different government and private hospitals in the city are also equipped for treatment of COVID19 with elaborate arrangement.

If a person has symptoms like COVID, he or she should immediately consult a flu-clinic at Rourkela Government Hospital (RGH) or another private hospital. After examining the symptoms, the doctor may recommend going for RTPCR or a Rapid Antigen test. If the doctor does not recommend any COVID test, the individual must take prescribed medicines and stay at home.

Where to get tested?
Both RTPCR and Rapid Antigen Testing are available at the Rourkela Government Hospital (RGH) and the Sector-6 Health and Wellness Center at Rourkela. Rapid antigen tests are also conducted at JP Hospital, Vesaj Patel Hospital, Hi-Tech Hospital, Ispat General Hospital (IGH) in Rourkela and Railway Hospital in Bondamunda.

The COVID negative report to be published on the website of the Rourkela Municipal Corporation for information on people undergoing COVID testing. Concerned persons can download the report from the site.

Where to get Treated?
In case the report comes as COVID positive, the patient may go for treatment to any private hospital. Every private hospital in the city has reserved certain beds for treatment of COVID19. Similarly, any patient can approach Hi-Tech COVID Hospital. After the patient is examined at Hi-Tech COVID Hospital, he/she might be admitted to one of the governments COVID hospitals like the Hi-Tech Hospital, Shanti Memorial Hospital or JP Hospital.

Home Isolation
If admission is not required as per the doctor’s analysis, the COVID positive patient may be advised to remain in home isolation and given medicines. The home isolation is to be strictly followed for at least 14 days.

While in home isolation if the patient develops any symptoms, the patient may call +917008534384 for further advice. Similarly, the family members of the person in isolation should immediately get themselves tested.

Important contact numbers:
Hi Tech Hospital +919437044838, +919237230463. Shanti Memorial Hospital, Reception-7205318101 / 0661-2511300, Vaccination-7205318105, Pharmacy-7205318104. Jaiprakash Hospital, Helpline: 0661-2461100, COVID Ward: 8118060749 (11 AM – 3 PM), COVID ICU: 9078884741 (11 AM – 3 PM).

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