Odisha Governor inaugurates Commencement Day of BBA programme at Birla Global University

Bhubaneswar: The evolving nature of business today calls for a fundamentally different kind of leader. Gone are the days of top-down, hard-nosed direction. Demonstrating flexibility and empathy, while remaining true to the core values of the organization and finding ways to dodge unpredictable impediments, will be characteristic of tomorrow’s professionals. They will be people who are inspirational; technologically savvy but not prone to getting lost in details; entrepreneurial; devoted to service, and inclusive rather than independent or autocratic, said Governor Dr. S.C. Jamir.

Inaugurating the Commencement Day programme of BBA (2017-20) Batch of Birla Global University, Chancellor and Governor Dr. Jamir said that, the biggest challenges for business management professionals of the 21st century are going to revolve around coming to understand fully how global business practices are evolving – based on advances in the use of technology as well as the ability to connect with others at anytime and anywhere.
To address the leadership challenges of the next era of global business, traditional degree-granting programmes and professional schools as well as traditional methods for example, books, literature, lectures, discussions, case studies will continue to be necessary, but increasingly not sufficient. To develop professionals for success in an environment of strong market forces, changing people issues and shifting leadership competencies, a new educational model will have to be forged. Traditional models fall short in their ability to link knowledge, skills and concepts covered to the practice of leadership within actual work organizations, Governor added.

Management education has a big opportunity to create leaders who can couple ideas with technology. The education, Governor said, should help future leaders in developing a creative mind to be able to design innovative solutions instead of searching for solutions from the past. Students should learn the art of changing their lenses with situation. Students need to be groomed to be part of uncertainties. Adaptability, flexibility and richness of content is more important than past concepts.
Governor urged students to embrace opportunities and use them to the best of abilities. Take full advantage of the resources in front of you. Don’t doubt your ability to make a difference and stretch yourself into new spaces, Governor advised.
John Francis, Associate Director, Ernst and Young, Dr. Sudhakar Panda, Vice-Chancellor, Dr. P. Nayak, Dean, Dr. B.K. Das, Registrar among others spoke on the occasion. The students were administered pledge of honour code.

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