Odisha Government Initiates Free Tea Service for Heavy Vehicle Drivers to Curtail Highway Accidents

Odisha to Offer Free Tea to Truck Drivers on Highways, Aiming to Curb Nighttime Accidents

Bhubaneswar, 22 December: In a proactive move aimed at reducing road mishaps involving heavy vehicles, the Odisha government has unveiled plans to offer complimentary tea to drivers of trucks and other large vehicles during late-night journeys. Transport Minister Tukuni Sahu disclosed this strategy on Thursday, highlighting the state’s efforts to tackle the alarming issue of accidents occurring predominantly during the early hours.

“Most accidents on national highways occur due to driver fatigue, leading to drowsiness and subsequent mishaps,” stated Minister Sahu during a press briefing held in Bhubaneswar. To counter this, the government has committed to providing free tea to these drivers, promoting alertness and refreshment during their nighttime travels.

To implement this initiative effectively, regional transport officers (RTOs) across all districts have been instructed to identify roadside eateries, hotels, and dhabas situated along highways. These designated establishments will serve as pit stops where drivers can avail themselves of complimentary tea, aiming to prevent fatigue-induced drowsiness and potentially fatal accidents.

Sahu further emphasized that in addition to the free tea provision, these rest points will offer drivers an opportunity to take necessary breaks and rest, ensuring safer journeys for all travelers on Odisha’s highways.

The Odisha government’s proactive stance in addressing driver fatigue-related accidents underscores a concerted effort toward road safety, marking a significant step to safeguard the lives of heavy vehicle drivers and other road users traversing the state’s thoroughfares.



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