Nigerian Delegation, Facilitated by UN World Food Programme, Visits Odisha to Study State’s Rice Fortification Success

A high-level delegation from Nigeria facilitated by the United Nations World Food Programme is on a visit to Odisha to learn from the State’s experience on rice fortification. The delegation consists of government & private officials of health, food security & food regulatory bodies.

The Nigerian Government is focusing on a strategy to tackle micronutrient deficiencies. In line with this, it has authorised the fortification of rice, one of the primary staple foods of the country, as a part of the national fortification program.

Odisha has achieved the complete introduction of fortified rice across the State in all food based schemes a year ahead of the deadline provided by the National Government. Odisha piloted the first rice fortification in the country in 2012 in the Gajapati District.

The delegation will visit rice fortification sites to understand the process; machinery used, quality control measures, and safety standards. Members will meet with Indian food regulation officials to discuss regulatory aspects and compliance measures. They will also interact with policymakers designing and implementing the rice fortification programme.

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