Ministry of Railways issues “Policy on Development of Goods-sheds”at small/road-side stations through Private Investment

New Delhi: Aiming at augmenting terminal capacity through private participation by allowing setting up of new goods-shed facilities and developing existing goods-sheds (which Railways are unable to do due to lack of resources) at a larger number of stations, Ministry of Railways have issued a Policy on Development of Goods-sheds at small/road-side stations through Private Investment.

Salient features of the Policy are as under:-

Private parties permitted to develop goods wharf, loading/unloading facilities, facilities for labour (resting space with shade, drinking water, bathing facilities, etc) approach road, covered shed and other related infrastructure. The facilities are to be created/developed by the private party through its own investment.
All developments for the proposed facility will be as per approved Railway designs, and constructed to approved Railway standards and specifications.
Railways shall not levy any departmental or any other charges for the construction.
The facilities created by the private party shall be used as common user facility, and no preference or priority will be granted to the traffic of the party over the traffic of other customers.
Responsibility for maintenance of assets and facilities created shall be vested with the party during the agreement period.
Incentives under the scheme: Share in the Terminal Charges (TC) and Terminal Access Charges (TAC), as the case may be, for all the inward and outward traffic dealt at the goods-shed for five (05) years, from the date of completion of the work.
The party seeking the least share (TC/TAC) shall be selected through competitive bidding, to be done At Divisional Level.
Additional revenue for party through – utilization of available space for establishing small canteen/tea-shop, advertisements, etc.

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