Mega Baby shower Ankura Hospitals, Bhubaneswar Organizes Mega Baby Shower Event To Highlight The Importance Of Normal Delivery

Bhubaneswar: To spread joy and bring smiles to the faces of more than 200, Ankura Hospitals, Bhubaneswar came up with the unique idea of hosting an event, Mega Baby Shower,’ to provide an unforgettable experience and create a festive atmosphere for expectant mothers and their family members by celebrating pregnancy and highlighting the benefits of normal delivery.

Present on the occasion were Dr GSS Mohapatra, Dr Bichitrananda Raut, Dr Leena Das, Dr Monalisha Naik,Dr Rama Manjari Naik ,Dr Soumya Dash & Dr. Debasish Panigrahi.

Ankura Hospital organized a heartwarming event to celebrate pregnancy as a touching gesture of support for expectant mothers and their partners during a time that can feel overwhelming. As the guests arrived, they were greeted with cheerful decorations, delicious treats, and thoughtful activities designed to celebrate the impending arrival of their little ones. The fun and exciting activities included stand-up comedy, nail art, stemcyte session, mehndi, glitter art, , nail art, a ramp walk, a photo and video booth, and lucky draw prizes. The interactive sessions were conducted by renowned gynaecologists and paediatricians on topics like how to take care of a newborn baby immediately after birth and a guide for the expectant father. The hospital’s initiative to host such an event not only highlights its commitment to compassionate care but also underscores the importance of holistic support for pregnant women.

“The event was a powerful statement on the significance of normal delivery. Through various interactive sessions and discussions, the hospital highlighted the benefits and importance of opting for a normal delivery. This initiative aimed to dispel myths and misinformation surrounding childbirth, empowering expectant mothers to make informed choices about their birthing experiences. The event served as a platform to showcase the value of embracing natural childbirth. By offering insights into the physical and emotional advantages of normal delivery, couples gained a deeper understanding of the process. The hospital’s commitment to promoting normal delivery not only demonstrates its dedication to maternal health but also reflects its efforts to prioritize natural birthing methods for safer outcomes. The positive impact of events like this goes beyond just providing material gifts and fosters a sense of reassurance for families on the brink of welcoming a new life into the world. Ankura Hospital is reaffirming its dedication to caring for its patients, creating a nurturing environment that extends far beyond traditional medical treatment,” said DrBichitranandaRaut,Medical Director, AnkuraHospitals, Bhubaneswar.

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