Kalinga Literary Festival to Host Exclusive Book Release Ceremony and Author Discussion: “Nandini Satpathy: The Iron Lady of Orissa” by Pallavi Rebbapragada

Bhubaneswar  – The prestigious Kalinga Literary Festival (KLF) is set to illuminate the literary landscape with a special event dedicated to celebrating the remarkable life and legacy of Odisha’s first woman Chief Minister, Nandini Satpathy. The event, organized by the Kalinga Literary Festival, will feature the official release of the highly anticipated biography, “Nandini Satpathy: The Iron Lady of Orissa,” authored by Pallavi Rebbapragada.
This significant occasion will occur at the KLF Corner within the esteemed Oxford Bookstore in Bhubaneswar on May 11. Renowned academic luminaries are slated to join the conversation, engaging in a stimulating dialogue with author Pallavi Rebbapragada.

Published by the globally acclaimed publishing house Simon & Schuster, “Nandini Satpathy: The Iron Lady of Orissa” unveils the extraordinary journey of a trailblazing leader whose indomitable spirit shaped the political landscape of Odisha and left an indelible mark on the nation’s history.

Nandini Satpathy, affectionately known as the Iron Lady of Orissa, emerged from a lineage of revolutionaries and intellectuals. Her early years were marked by acts of courage and defiance, including her brave stand during the freedom struggle, symbolised by the iconic act of pulling down the Union Jack from Ravenshaw College.

Ascending through the corridors of power, Nandini Satpathy’s meteoric rise saw her become the youngest member of the Rajya Sabha at the age of 31. Her tenure as the Minister of Information and Broadcasting in Indira Gandhi’s cabinet witnessed pivotal moments in India’s history, including her instrumental role in the Free Bangla Radio during the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971.

However, Nandini Satpathy’s political journey was challenging. Despite her close association with Indira Gandhi, her principled opposition to the Emergency marked a turning point, leading to her eventual political downfall. Nevertheless, her legacy endures through her fearless implementation of radical reforms and her unwavering commitment to social justice.

“Pallavi Rebbapragada’s meticulously researched biography offers a compelling narrative that brings to light the resilience and fortitude of Nandini Satpathy,” remarked Shri Rashmi Ranjan Parida, Founder & Director of the Kalinga Literary Festival. “Through this book release ceremony and author discussion, we aim to honor the legacy of a pioneering leader whose contributions continue to inspire generations,” he mentions.

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