Joy e-Bike Reveals Prices of High-Speed E-Bikes Following Huge Response from Association with CSK; Prices Start at Rs. 2.29 lakhs

Vadodara: Wardwizard Innovations & Mobility Ltd. (BSE Code: 538970), the first-ever company listed on BSE under the electric vehicle category has revealed the prices of its product line Joy e-Bike Supers today. The product line of Joy e-bike, a frontrunner in the electric bike space consisting of four new high-speed e-bikes – Hurricane, Thunderbolt, Skyline and Beast will be priced starting at Rs. 2.29 lakhs.The set of Joy e-bike high-speed bikes were teased earlier this year when the company, Wardwizard made this announcement on the inauguration day of its OEM plant in Vadodara.


The details of the four new high-speed e-bikes offered under Joy e-Bike Supers are as follows:

Skyline – Rs 2,29,000/-, Hurricane – Rs 2,33,000/- , Thunderbolt – Rs 2,33,000/- Beast – Rs 2,42,000/-


After the price reveal, Mr. Ravi Nambiar, President, International Sales, Wardwizard Group said, “The interest in Joy e-Bikes Supers has been very encouraging. Since our OEM plant has come up, we have been receiving a lot of inquiries and interests for the price, test drives, and point of sale of these bikes. We are happy to see the response and urge our customers to reach out to us for the Joy e-Bike Super experience. We are sure they would find it to be a good one.”


The specifications of all four e-bikes have already been given. Apart from the stunning looks, these bikes are power packed with the latest EV technology along with strong IoT sensors and Artificial Intelligence. The price reveal of the Joy e-Bike Supers came right after the announcement of price changes in rest of the products under Joy e-Bikes. These bikes add a feather to the hat of the brand after a thunderous response for their CSK association. The campaign #WhistlePoduwithJoyE has received a liking from their loyal fan base. This intends to show a bull run in the growth prospects of the company which is reflecting in their stock price too.


WardWizard started transforming India’s two-wheeler segment by manufacturing innovative electric bikes under the brand name Joy e-bike. They entered the market with two low-speed models Nanu E-Scooter Honeybee and Nanu E-Scooter Butterfly. Within no time, Joy e-bike has become the first-ever electric bike manufacturing brand to introduce 8+ EV models in the market, including 4 high-speed offerings.


In 2019 they introduced Gen Nxt Nanu e-scooter, Wolf, Glob, Monster, which require no license or registration. The first high-performance offering- the E-Monster, was launched in the summer of 2020. In 2021, Wardwizard has raised the bar by launching the Joy e-bike Supers – Hurricane, Thunderbolt, Skyline and Beast.


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