JAE organises AGRITHON, (mini-marathon) to promote Agripreneurship

Bhubaneswar: Agriculture in rural areas suffer from rural-urban migration and different livelihoods, thus affecting regular agricultural entrepreneurship. Agriculture has always had a large and diverse agriculture sector but has also faced the absence of well organized facilities and infrastructure. So there is a need for the availability of a minimum level of prior-built up infrastructural ecosystem to undertake any economic activity including starting an enterprise which still remains a challenge even for new-age entrepreneurs.

As we know produce has no value unless sold and the marketing channels are so poor that we see agriculture produce being constantly compromised due to the lack of measures by proper support system.

Most important there is no awareness among the people about evolving careers in Agripreneurship, which is by default the major contributor to Indian economy. So at Juggernaut Association of entrepreneurs, we have taken an oath to be committed in helping agriculture, the blood of nation to grow manifolds by motivating the youth to take up Agripreneurship and work for the state and country.

The Secratary Dr. Sumantra Misra said Juggernaut shall conduct all kinds of motivational events and even will go door to door to motivate young minds to take agricultural entrepreneurship and support thier work by providing necessary skills.

Vice president Mrs.Lopa Mishra Jana was very vocal about how Juggernaut would help all the young minds with updated technology and secure market linkages through digital marketing ,with ways to scale-up and generate awareness on agriculture and it’s various entrepreneurial aspects to the youth, starting with Agrithon on February 2,2020 at 0600 hours from Master Canteen. Mrs. Purabee Purnasha Mishra , Executive member was very elaborate on the fact that Agriculture is not easy and would die if the youth do not take up Agripreneurship and it would make the economy highly unstable as agriculture is the largest livelihood provider in India. She also hinted at the unresponsive agricultural policies with our country having separate MSME policies for Industry but no separate policy for agri-business in the country and in the absence of specific policies; the desired development of agri-business sector has been hampered. Juggernaut Association of Entrepreneurs concern to create an awareness among the youth to know about agriculture and promote it to earn out of it and help agriculture and its allied sectors to grow.

Agrithon is a marathon meant to spread awareness on promotion of Agripreurship. It is being extensively supported by Govt of Odisha and will be one of its kind. It is a Golden opportunity for the participants to pursue farming as a serious profession and support the Agricultural sector by bridging the gap between Technology and Marketing channels. This will also be an ideal forum to create Agripreneurs and provide a strong motive to offer fair value to farm produce.

Both online and offline registration is bearing carried out and interested participants may register at the website and facebook page of the association.

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