International Sand Artist Manas Kumar Sahoo created a sand art at Puri with the theme “Pain & Anguish of an Artist in Odisha”

Puri: Odisha is famous today all around the world for its art & crafts, culture, its temples and rich tradition. Whether it is the temple of Lord Jagannath or the world famous Konark Sun Temple, Odisha is known all over the world for its hundreds of temple ranging from all sizes.

The State which had earned it’s glorious name from arts and crafts, in that very State the self-esteem of artists are neglected. It is this unfortunate state of artists, International Sand Artist Manas Kumar Sahoo has shown in this present art. He is trying to portray his dignity through this art, where it is shown how artists are neglected in the State which is the birthplace of rich arts and crafts.


The sand sculpture is of 15 feet in height, taking Manas Sahoo and the students of his institute nearly eight hours, using twenty tonnes of sand to complete. This sand sculpture has been created at Manas Sahoo Sand Art Park situated at Baliapanda, near Light House Sea-Beach of Puri City.


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