International Conference on Frontiers in Materials for Technological Applications (FIMTA-2022)

Bhubaneswar: A three days International Conference on Frontiers in Materials for Technological Applications (FIMTA-2022) was inaugurated at Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology Campus. CSIR-IMMT welcomes to the biggest conglomerate of scientists, academicians, and students for the International Conference FIMTA-2022 during August3-5.


FIMTA is an International Conference on applications of materials in various fields. FIMTA was first held as an international webinar in 2020. Since then, FIMTA has been the premier meeting place for the researchers, developers and specialists to discuss new developments and results in the fields of materials and their potential applications. This is the third time of the Conference was held at IMMT and first time in a gathering. The conference will cover all aspects of the four focused themes:

  • Functional Nanomaterials
  • Advanced Electronic Materials
  • Materials for Energy and Devices
  • Biomaterials


The conference will provide a vital platform for gaining new knowledge based on the advancements made in the materials research for technological applications by highly experienced speakers. We are privileged to have renowned speakers throughout the world including India, United States, UK, Belgium, Israel and Taiwan. Among these renowned speakers, we have several Associate Editors of reputed international journals including JACS. In addition, we are delighted to include a Special Lecture Session in FIMTA-2022 where the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Awardees will deliver lectures on their respective fields.


More than 400 participants, who are mostly PhD students and Postdocs, are attending this conference in physical mode. These participants are from all parts of India and Nepal. For these students and postdoc researchers, we have included two days oral and poster sessions. Several awards will be presented to the most accomplished posters and oral presentations. Central Universities IITs, NISER, State Universities and CSIR Labs were attending the conference.


The Director of CSIR IMMT, Prof. Suddhasatwa Basu has delivered the welcome speech in the inaugural session. He highlighted that CSIR IMMT is primarily working in the area of minerals, materials and sustainable technology. He also mentioned that FIMTA is started by about 11 new young scientists who joined three years back at this institute, which was supported by the senior scientists and staff members from CSIR IMMT. He also envisaged that this conference will be blossoming to even bigger conference in the coming years. Prof. karunakara Nanda, Director of IOP, Bhubaneswar was the chief guest, of this conference. He extends a warmed welcome to everyone and mentioned that as the name of the conference suggests, FIMTA has two keywords: (a) material and (b) applications, both of which are co-related and mutually dependent to each other. He highlights in the properties of the materials and mentioned the importance and ways to tune the properties of materials. He also mentioned that about 30% of the worlds GDP is controlled by catalyst, which are unique class of materials and said that all the talks of the FIMTA conference is also targeted to a broad audience. The conference was started with the inaugural speech by Prof. T Saha Dasgupta, Director of SNBNCBS, who talked about quantum materials and the importance of theoretical science.

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