Horticulture Strengthening Economic Backbone of the Rural Farmers in Sundargarh

Horticulture can change your fortune & future. It can rake-in-moolahs for the farmers. If focused investment of energy and sometime can create a difference providing a sustainable income source from the farm yards in return. That’s the lesson we get to know from the farmers of the Surulata Village under Hemgiri Block.


Surulata is just not an aberration, but a glaring example, whereby villages have benefited by an unique people driven intervention.


The barren lands, which dot the map of Surulata Village, is no longer barren. Rather it extends an assured and regular income to the small and marginalized farmers. More than 200 acres of lands have been developed as “WADI” which, provides alternative livelihood support to the farmers. Farmers there, cultivate different type of vegetables in farm like pointed guards, green chilly, leafy vegetables, black eyed pea following inter-cropping mechanism.


District Mineral Foundation of Sundargarh is providing financial envelope to the District Horticulture Dept to roll out this intervention since last three years. District Administration has provided support such as solar based irrigation system, seeds, manures, fencing of WADI to ensure that farmers get adequate, timely and appropriate support to continue horticulture farming.


The barren land of a village like Surulata, has turned fertile because of the farmers consistent effort with sustained support of the District Administration. More than 3000 acres of lands in 6 blocks of Sundargarh such as Hemgiri, Kutra, Rajgangpur, Lahunipada, Koira, Kuanaramunda, remain witness to this significant change.


Production of Bumper Crops never remains a challenge in Indian Agricultural Ecosystem but storing, marketing and getting best value of the products always remain a challenge, which even the police makers grapples to overcome.


However, in WADI programme these aspects have well been taken care by the District Administration. The products have been branded under the brand name “ Mo Badi Pariba” and marketing facilities have been extended to the farmers. Traders from nearby neighbouring states of Chhatisgarh often visit the place to collect the vegetables. The pointed guards is sold between Rs 20 per Kg to Rs 40 per Kg. Around 1718 beneficiaries earn between Rs 80,000 to Rs 100,000 rupees per annum. Similarly, they also sell the roots of the pointed guards and rewarded handsomely.


Since last three years, this WADI intervention has successfully empowered the people to realise their dreams and potentials and Sundargarh is scaling new heights.

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