Hamdard Laboratories Enters OTX Category; Launches 13 new products, including Unani medicines and OTX offerings

New Delhi: Hamdard Laboratories (Medicine Division), a progressive, research-based health and wellness organization offering Unani medicines to provide preventive, curative, and rehabilitative healthcare, has announced the expansion of its product range with 13 new product launches. With this, the company has boosted its range in the OTX category and rolled out six new products in the market along with seven classical products.

The OTX range consists of Onion Oil, Kalonji Oil, Ashokarishta, Nozeem, Liquirub, Isabgol++, which are beneficial for skin, hair, body ache, constipation, nose and chest congestion etc. Offering the goodness of Unani, the newly launched products are packed with high-quality ingredients known for their preventive and curative nature. In addition, the company has rolled out an extensive media campaign to connect and engage with the consumers.


Commenting on the launch of new health and wellness range, Mr Abdul Majeed, Chairman, Hamdard Laboratories (Medicine Division) said, “Holistic wellness and self-care are among the top priorities of consumers. With many challenges such as restricted movement and worsening pollution facing us today, we recognize the need to make high-quality Unani products easily available to promote holistic health and wellness. Our OTX products are formulated with the best ingredients and offer the goodness of nature with no side effects- the key factors influencing millennials’ purchase decisions. We will continue to progress in the direction of helping people live a healthy life and provide them with relevant solutions.”


OTX products are bought without a prescription and are used to promote holistic wellness. The key properties and benefits of the products include:


The Kalonji Oil is 100% rich in antioxidants and mineral oil-free, prepared by a cold-pressed technique using the best quality kalonji seeds to retain goodness. Excellent for external and internal use, Kalonji oil helps heal joint and muscular pain, lubricate joints, heal cracked heels, improve hair growth, strengthen the stomach, and relieve flatulence.


Onion Oil is prepared from onion seeds with Unani formulation, making it suitable for oral and external use. Onion oil nourishes hair and improves hair growth, controls immature greying and dandruff, improves the digestive system and boosts the immune system if taken orally.


Liquirub, easy to carry and apply pain relief oil, is a very effective Unani formulation for musculoskeletal disorders and congestion. Formulated with a unique combination of essential oils and pure ingredients of Ajwain, Pudina, Kapoor, Nilgiri, Gandhpura, Ilaichi, and Lavender, proven for pain reliving for long in Unani & ayurvedic formulations, Liquirub provides quick relief from headache, muscular pain and chest & nasal congestion. In addition, it contains sat-e-pudina (menthol), a local anaesthetic that helps to provide relief from inflamed joints.


Nozeem, a unique Unani herb-mineral formulation for multipurpose use, is prepared from an aqueous extract of Berg-e-Neem (neem extract), Sat-e-Pudina (menthol) and Suhaga to support overall Nasal health and also useful in skin health. Easy to carry and easy to apply, Nozeem is available in a 20ml pack.


Ashokarishta, a classical ayurvedic medicine, is strongly recommended for women’s physical health and hormonal well-being. It is described as a uterine tonic used to treat various women related health problems. It helps to manage a woman’s cycle, nourishes the uterus, decreases inflammation, enhances ovaries functionalities, and increases the appetite. Apart from this, it helps in boosting the immunity of women.


Isabgol++ is an Unani formulation with a blend of best quality Ishabghol with Senna & Saqmunia for both acute and chronic constipation. Available in 80gms pack, it is unique for its ingredients


These new products are readily available across Hamdard Wellness Centres, nearby chemist shops.


Hamdard Laboratories manufactures various Unani medicines that provide preventive, curative, and rehabilitative healthcare. The fundamentals of Unani diagnosis and treatment modalities are based on scientific principles and a holistic approach. Hamdard Laboratories is committed to making quality healthcare an affordable and accessible reality throughout the world.



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