The new Tata MD CHECK Express RT-PCR testing solutions will boost testing for the Omicron variant

New Delhi: With the Omicron variant resulting in a further surge of cases across the globe, India is back on high alert with international passengers from high-risk countries requiring mandatory testing, as well as random testing of passengers from other countries. Some states have also introduced restrictions with the requirement of negative COVID tests for domestic passengers. In addition, with studies in India pointing to a possible surge in cases in February next year, there is expected to be a multifold increase in demand for RT-PCR COVID tests that are economical and give fast results. To meet this challenge, Tata MD has indigenously developed the COVID testing solutions that will significantly boost India’s COVID testing capacity.

Tata MD COVID Express RT PCR solution consists of:


1. Tata MD CHECK XF, a 3-Gene RT-PCR kit that is RNA extraction free and uses fast amplification protocol combined with a portable and fast qPCR analyzer. The solution has a processing time of just one hour. And can process 30 samples per batch per machine. The kit is approved by ICMR with 95%+ sensitivity and 100% specificity.


2. Tata MD CHECK RT-PCR Fast 3Gene is a 3-Gene RT-PCR kit that uses fast amplification protocol and hence has a processing time of 90 minutes. And can process 90 samples per batch per machine. The kit can be used in existing qPCR instruments. It is approved by ICMR with 100% Sensitivity and 100% Specificity.


Both these kits use 3-Genes that are variant proof.


Another key advantage of the above solution is its high throughput feature. Tata MD XF with a portable and fast qPCR analyzer can process 300-400 samples in 2 hours using five lines. Tata MD CHECK RT-PCR Fast 3Gene using 5 qPCR instruments (96 wells) can process 450 samples in 2 hours. While the prevalent faster testing solutions currently being used in airports process one test at a time with low throughput capacity and yet very expensive.


Mr. Girish Krishnamurthy, CEO, Tata Medical & Diagnostics Ltd. said, “At Tata MD, our endeavor is to indigenously develop innovative medical technologies and we have been working on several new technologies for COVID Testing. These express testing solutions can be applied in multiple areas where quick, high volume, and reliable testing is required such as airports and events”


The new Tata MD CHECK Express PCR testing solution has been proven to deliver rapid and dependable results in a real-world environment with a high volume of tests at the Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru since early this month. It has proved instrumental in helping to address the rush of fliers from ‘high risk’ countries required to undergo mandatory RT-PCR testing.


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