GMR’s livelihood project brings cheer to Dhenkanal villagers

Bhubaneswar: The Livelihood Restoration Program (LRP), launched by GMR Kamalanga Energy Limited (GKEL) for project affected families in Mangalpur and Kamalanga Panchayat in Dhenkanal district has gained momentum by generating sustainable livelihood opportunities in farm and non-farm sectors. The project is underway in full swing since two years and helped raise the standard of living of Project Affected Families (PAF) by increasing household income in both panchayats.

“Our aim is to uplift the living standards in Kamalanga and Mangalpur Panchayats by providing economic viability to the community. We want the community to prosper and live harmoniously with us,” said Shri Ramesh R Pai, COO, GKEL.

The project has been implemented in a very intensive and integrated manner for the benefit of around 1500 project affected families. The project proposes to offer 28 livelihood interventions with better financial support for affected families. A team of GMR Varalakshmi Foundation (GMRVF), the CSR arm of GMR Group, is spearheading the project in a holistic manner.

People benefited by LRP narrated their experiences how the project helped them to increase their earnings. Shri. Ranjit Naik of Mangalpur Village says not many livelihood options were open to him, he explored possibilities to start tent house business. He started a tent house with minimum materials three years ago. Slowly the business picked up. But due to lack of fund he could not have sufficient materials.

Shri. Ranjit says his dream to expand the business by adding materials was fulfilled through LRP support. Materials including mike set were purchased for Rs 30,000. “I had started the business having no idea about the market. Today, there is good demand of tent house business here. Thanks to GKEL for the financial support and development training for our business,” says Ranjit, who earns Rs 5000 per month.

Adding a touch of fashion, Shri. Hatakishor Rout, a daily labourer from Maniabeda Village could not get opportunity to start a small business to meet his family needs. During the counselling by GMRVF team, he preferred dairy farming and enhancing his economic standard. GMRVF provided a cross breed jersey cow. Shri. Hatakishor was also provided training to build his skill and competency to rear cow. His cow is now giving good milk enabling him to earn Rs 5,000 per month. “I have purchased another new milch cow to enhance my income and plan to multiply it,” says Rout, who is also involved in production of curd, paneer and other value added products fetching higher value in the market.

Similar was the story of Shri. Prabin, a resident of Kamalanga villge. He says LRP support increased business at his snacks unit. Now his monthly business stood at Rs 1.2 lakh generating a profit of Rs 12,000-14,000. Shri. Prabin has purchased a new motorbike to supply snacks products to retailers. “Thanks to GKEL for extending support to us,” he said.

“Our help may be small, but we are hopeful it has certainly a greater impact,” Shri Pai said. Besides LRP, we are also the first corporate house in Odisha to distribute health insurance policies to 2,500 members of the local community, he added.


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