First term delivery by Covid positive patient in KIMS Covid hospital

Bhubaneswar: With coronavirus infection ever increasing in the state, dedicated Covid-19 hospital of Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) was fully prepared to handle childbirth by women who have been tested positive. In recent past, the hospital had successfully treated a few pregnant women, who were isolated, treated and sent home after testing negative. Recently, the country’s first dedicated Covid-19 hospital successfully handled childbirth by a Covid positive woman.

A pregnant lady, who had returned from outside state, was referred from a peripheral quarantine centre to KIMS Covid Hospital on May 30. Her expected date was June 21. The hospital planned to hold intervention till she becomes negative or goes into labour, whichever is earlier. Equipment, OT and personnel were kept ready in Covid hospital to respond with normal or operative delivery.

The patient started experiencing labour pain on the morning of June 1. Gynecology PG Residents Dr. Nity and Dr. Anuradha looked after the case in consultation with seniors. Even though the patient had an earlier cesarean delivery, trial of normal delivery was considered a possibility on the merit of the case. The young doctors were brave to monitor the high risk case and deliver a healthy male baby at around 3 pm. Both mother and child are doing well.

The challenging case could be handled due to the expert obstetric care at KIMS Covid hospital and complete involvement of the dedicated PG students who are on the frontline in trying circumstances. This is possibly the first term delivery by Covid positive patient in a Covid hospital in the state.

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